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  1. I think someone would be curious and I write.... Today. M-NET Producer 48 inaugural meeting is over She was born in 2004 The first place in the total number was Jang won young I cheered on Lee ga uen, but she was eliminated. Miyawaki sakura of akb48, which is popular in Japan, was 2nd place Nine Koreans and three Japanese have finally become K-POP Girls. Their success is guaranteed.
  2. In the center of Seoul, Korea, Yi Sun-sin. There is a statue of the general. He is a great general who defeated the Japanese invasion and defended Korea. He developed the world's first iron-made ship. It is a turtle ship. Korea's top box office is a film about his biography... Approximately 20 million Koreans saw this movie in the movie theater I think I have seen more than 100 million people through the internet and various media A 100-won Korean coin has his face. Many Koreans admire him. When I was young, someone asked me, and the future dream was General Admiral Yi Sun-sin.
  3. Have you heard of BTS? These are the most popular K-POP idol boy groups in the world today Their popularity goes beyond the Beatles. Introduces MIC DROP of Korean Beatles BTS Their popularity is now the number one K-POP idol Worldwide youtubers are bts and k-pop groups ... Introducing their music and information youtube is getting huge revenue There are a lot of k-pop YouTube channel with millions of subscribers on youtube Many people earn youtube revenues of $ 10,000~ a month. Nowadays, people run k-pop youtube rather than work at work T
  4. Now Korea and Japan have a big issue. 48 girls from Korea and 48 girls from Japan gather together to perform a global audition program for 96 people http://produce48.mnet.com/ I supported 宮崎 美穂 (Miyazaki Miho) in the Mnet produce48 program. Many Koreans like this Japanese girl In the ninth round, MIHO ranked first, and I was thrilled This program is to make a debut of the singer by voting for himself Many Japanese singers hope to debut in Korea When they debut in Korea, they become a successful K-pop idol singer They also earn bigger revenues than Japan. On August 31, 20
  5. View File TW K-POP is fashionable all over the world Among them, TWICE is famous. I like one of them very much. I made one of them alike. You can meet her at Bard School. UUNP SUPER BOOTY Weight 100 No special skills or magic I just made it to use my toilet paper and lotion. Adorable Face KS HAIR There is no separate required MOD Submitter patksunho Submitted 08/12/2018 Category
  6. View File Elisif npc Cosmetic I was using jh npc Cosmetic mod But one day I was tired of elisif's face. So I just made it now. So share this elisif is a clean, fresh, delicious woman This goes well with SexLab AmorousAdventures. This site has few downloads and no response from people But I do not upload it elsewhere This is only for those who need it. Weight 100 Uunp female Super Booty pussy Adorable Face Hair is ks hair https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311 You must have this hair. Submitter
  7. View File han bojy (han Pussy) han bojy (han Pussy) This is an English version I have been busy lately and have not had much time. But Skyrim is another world of mine. I have a stock investment in Korea as a job. I am very depressed these days This mod is her sister follower mod living in yisolda's house When you go into her house, she will watch you. You can meet yisolda and meet her sister when she is allowed to visit her house I have motivated the employees of any room club in Bupyung, Incheon that I frequent. She follows the liquor to t
  8. These costumes are mostly ..... We have already used the resources of the released skyrim mod I personally introduced a modified costume This is my yutube channel It just contains everyday games and introductions. If you want to use a costume like this .... If you try a little, you will soon be able to make it yourself
  9. asenasen .. Your costume mod exactly matches my favorite style. I like your costume passionately I always have a heartfelt gratitude to you. And I use your mod..
  10. Korea started 2017 from yesterday 1/28 I am still shaking yesterday and today. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Follower is Kota Daim (china) http://kp4068.tistory.com/1656
  11. Skyrim Freedom World people become one with Skyrim nsfwmods.com
  12. I visit your http://skyarsenic.tumblr.com/ often But the page loading is too slow
  13. Sigrid lives in Riverwood. She loves grandfather dovakin than her husband. I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 years. I am not interested in sex with her now I sometimes imagine a fantastic sex with a married woman............Her husband is excited to see her having sex with another man. ㅋㅋㅋ In Korea, sex with married women is not illegal.
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