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  1. The Plane of Infernus has a problem...
    but what are they going to do about her?

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  2. A brief epilogue to the comic HANSEL & GRETEL.

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  3. The misadventures of a skilled swordsman with dubious luck.

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  4. What does it do?

    This adds Devious Desires traits like Victim, Fertile, Dominant/MilkProducer etc by Good/Evil/Genitals/Occult.
    Traits like Fertility/Victim/BreastMilkProducer are automatically added to all sims matching the conditions you pick as they spawn. So you could make only Memaids BreastMilk Producers or all Evil sims rapists.
    It only applies to Teen to Elderly age sims.
    This just adds the Traits, what happens then is up to the sims
    DO NOT INSTALL THE SOURCE SCRIPTS, they are for people learning python or wanting to make changes.
    DO NOT INSTALL EVERYTHING. Things will get crazy, think carefully of the flavours you want.
    Installation: Just drop only the ones you want into your Sims 4 Mods folder. DO NOT INSTALL ALL OF THEM OR CRAZY STUFF WILL HAPPEN!
    Requires S4CL from Nexus: The Sims 4 Community Library at The Sims 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
    The DD addon requires Devious Desires: Devious Desires - Miscellaneous - NSFWmods.com

    Big Thanks to ColonelNutty for S4CL and baby stepping me through my first Python Scripting
    If you don't like any particular aspects let me know and I'll make one with other flavors to be more inclusive 
    If I have accidentally enabled something like that please let me know so I can fix it. 
    This also works great with my other mods:
    [Sims4] [S4CL] [DD] Add Good and/or Evil Traits - Accessories - NSFWmods.com
    [Sims4] [S4CL] [DD] Want Level Tweaks - Miscellaneous - NSFWmods.com

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  5. Howdy. I've worked a long time on my very first comic!
    It's a softcore adventure story set in an All-Female world!
    over 100 pages!
    Hope everyone enjoys!
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  6. A sexy retelling of an old tale.

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  7. Overview
    Choose your own session in this House.
    Nothings off limits
    Thread Updated: 2022-02-19
    Release Date: 2022-02-17
    Developer: DotArt Patreon - Newgrounds - Discord
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.0.86
    Language: English
    OS: Mac, Windows
    2d game, Glory hole, Onahole, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Customise, Outfits, Anal, Anal Creampie
    1. Extract and run.
    -Major Money Bug Fix
    - New Scenes Added
    - New Clothes
    - New Vag Types Etc
    - Futa Option [Patreon EA]
    - Day/Night Cycle Fix
    Developer Notes: 
    All Scenes
    Velma Hole 1 Samus Hole 1 Marge Hole 1 Zelda Hole 1 Kim Possible Hole 1 Raven Hole 1 Samsung Sam Hole 1 Velma On Desk Zelda On Desk Receptionist On Desk Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) Kim Possible Doggy From Below (In Office) Velma Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) [Patreon EA] [/SPOILER]
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  8. EoS Without Apparel Patch!! Space elf clothing! Or the lack thereof! Changes some of the Elves of Stellaris girl clothes to be somewhat less than totally decent. 🥴
    Slave gear is more appropriate.... for slaves. 🤭 Savage clothing is... more savage. 🐲 Several outfits get a whole lot breezier. 🤷‍♀️ A totally without apparel "outfit" is now available. (When at outfit 1 in the designer, click left. Boom. Breezy. 🤣) Important Notes/FAQ:
    Believe it or not, a few wackos tried. Didn't end well. 🤣 Not because I have an issue with it, but because PDX is a little touchy on "breezy" stuff! It says it's for an OLD version of Stellaris in the Launcher!!
    If it bothers you, version bump the Stellaris version in the descriptor.mod file. Because this is a texture replacer, it rarely will need an update unless a major texture change happens in the main mod. This version number is wildly different from EoS!
    Yes it is. Version numbers never were my strong suite. 🤣   Installation Drop the contents of the 7z file into your mods folder. Usually "YourUserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\". Open the EOS_WA.mod file in a text editor. Change path="/mod/eos_wa"
    to: path="DRIVE_LETTER:/Your_User_Name_HERE/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/eos_wa"
    Example: path="F:/QueenOfTheUniverse/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/eos_wa"
    IMPORTANT: The path must use Linux/Mac style "/" not the Windows standard "\". So if you copy it directly from an explorer window, don't forget to change the \'s!!

      Start the Stellaris Launcher. Add the mod to your preferred Play Set. Note: It won't have a logo image like Steam/PDX mods! Move the WA mod BELOW EoS! Mods override anything above them!!
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  9. This will be an on-going story-arc comic (or series) without a set number of images or chapters.  When I finish a group of pages I'll upload them.
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  10. Follow Sam and Jenny on their misadventures in the D.C. Wasteland.
    This will be an ongoing series with monthly (?) episodes.

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  11. A stranger appears just in time to foil a robbery. To the bandits' dismay they recognize him as a man they suspected was dead...
    Full comic. Download includes 11 pages and cover.
    Sample page:

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  12. Wendy signs up to playtest a new adult sex game, a multi-player RPG set in the world of Fallout 3. Events quickly go awry and she discovers to her horror that  it will be her and not her avatar that will have to complete the quests that allow her to escape the game!
    Issue #1 complete and with cover. 
    Sample pages
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  13. This comic is a departure from what I normally make.  There's a story, character arcs and development, and so on.  There's also kinky LezDom sex with hot girls.
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  14. More perverted futa fun from the twisted mind of Kendo 2.
    Note: This edition is more exposition and 'story' building than anything else.  There is only one panel of explicit images since that's all the 'story' needed...this time.  If you just want to see the one panel then open the spoiler.  Otherwise thank you for downloading, reading and indulging me in my little hobby.
    EDIT: Here's two additional pages not included in the download...so now there is more sex.
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  15. Perverted futa fun from the twisted mind of Kendo 2.
    You can check out my other stuff by clicking on the tag 'adult comics'.
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  16. Mischievous Mynxie causes trouble and finds some of her own. Two Issues!
    ISSUE #1

    ISSUE #2

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  17. Assorted kinkiness from the twisted mind of Kendo 2.
    ISSUE #1
    Schoolgirl Molina acts up in class and gets a delicious LezDom lesson.

    ISSUE #2
    Kinkerbell the Bad Elf bites off more than she can chew when she steals from some horny goblins…

    ...AND Schoolgirl Molina receives another lezzie-lesson.

    ISSUE #3
    Kinkerbell gets used and abused by a mean green goblin, and loves every minute of it.

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  18. Join Cheryl in her perilous and sexy misadventures in the fantastical realm of Wunderland.

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