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Bandit Captive


Sonya in Trouble!

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I think it's from Devious Devices. They never show up in the game but I add them to the character's inventory using the console.

If you have DD, open the console, type:
help rope
And they should display.

Add them to your inventory and have fun!

And if you need some advice using the console commands, I would be glad to help.

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On 12/29/2020 at 10:39 AM, driftscape said:


Thanks. Also, there's a mod called AddItemMenu which makes it much easier to acquire items from a mod rather than using console command.

And how is it that I'm just discovering this awesomeness now?

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30 minutes ago, vancleef said:

And how is it that I'm just discovering this awesomeness now?

Laziness? lol

I always discover interesting mods. You'd be surprised what you find when you start doing some deep search on Nexus. Though, that's usually with no so popular mods, but I end up finding some very popular mods years later.

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Joking! I mean, yeah, I AM lazy but I do have a lot of luck with Google searches and the like. Once I learned console commands, it opened up a whole new world for me.

So far I haven't had any luck finding a mod that allows me to "pick up and move" live NPCs. I can move them with condole commands but if I can find a mod that works like the Groovatron from Fallout, I would be over the moon=level happy.

Do you know of any?

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LMAO That mod was insanely fun. You just reminded me back on Fallout 3 using Groovatron and the motorcycle mod. I would tcl riding the motorcycle as if I was on a flying motorcycle and I would enable the club lights at night and I think even the strobe lights. Fucking hilarious. I wish I had recorded it long ago.

To answer your question. Nope. I wish. But maybe this one? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/752/ I think you're on Special Edition, right?

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