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Nazeem's New Herd


The secret to Chillfurrow Farm's success
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Here's a mod idea:

Hulda tells you that Nazeem's been looking for  bodyguards. Since you're a bit short on money, you decide to give it a go. You take Lydia and together, you go to see Nazeem for the job interview.

It seems Nazeem's willing to employ both of you as his bodyguards on one condition, you will only use the uniforms and other equipment that he supplies and nothing else, cause he can't be seen around with a bunch of guards in poor quality equipment which might hurt his reputation, in other words, he wants to show off around the Cloud District with his new bodyguards. The pay is substantial, so you both accept the job.

Next morning you both arrive at his farm to begin your new job. Nazeem greets you and gives you your new armor and weapons. The armor looks a bit skimpy but you don't pay much attention and put it on. Three of you then start walking towards Whiterun...

In the following days, Nazeem's uniforms get skimpier and skimpier, he gets more and more confident around you and starts to order you around, seeing you don't object, his demands get bolder and bolder...

Well, I leave the rest to your imagination, but I suppose you can see where this is going... 😅

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