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'Brelyna and Jenassa'

Kendo 2

Sometimes I just need a Dunmer slut brigade to accompany me.


Brelyna and Jenassa 01.jpg

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So these are what those eyes you had me testing so much time ago look like with a proper body and textures. Nice. They really make them look alive.

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I like Brelyna, Janassa and Aranea. I like all dunmer actually. Dunmer and Orismer are both my favorite despite I mainly play as a Nord. For some reason though Brelyna is special. That young eager voice and her dialogue lines after completing her favors she asks just seems like the perfect candidate for marriage.

And of course lovely Brelyna and Janassa here. I eventually would like to create my own version of them both, but for some reason I'm not that great when it comes to making a Dunmer face I like.

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