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I Have A Plan

Nerevenya: I don't like Sven either.

Faendal: If he would only get off my back. He thinks he's a hot shot all the time because he's a Bard and has a way with words.

Nerevenya: He may have a way with words, but I have a way with pissing people off or making them cry. So don't worry,

Faendal: Okay, good. I only wish I was there to see his face with what ever you have planned.

Nerevenya: Okay, I'll be back as soon as it's over.

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Nerevenya: Hey, Sven. I was wondering which one of these you like better.

This one?



Nerevenya: How about this one?



Nerevenya: Or perhaps this one?



Nerevenya: No?

Sven: Mum? Not my mummy! 😪



Nerevenya: He won't be bothering you again. Though, you should've seen his face. Fucking priceless! *fist bumps*




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Somewhere along the line a clothing replacer mod conflicted with Sven's Mom. In my game, she always starts naked. The first thing I have to do when I walk into Riverwood is reset her inventory!
The Trollop had it coming!

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I should've put a bit more emphasis on Sven's reaction. If there was only an Alice Cooper Lute bashing to the ground animation.

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