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After a frustrating week I've finally given up. This is what I'm going with despite the fact that I hate those huge melons and the skimpy outfits. Although I like this race way more than MD, which I think @endgameaddiction was also using. The body is probably the best available, except the melons and there's no bloody neck seam.

One more thing, I can also wear hats with this hair without appearing bald. 👍

In case you're curious, no the melons don't bounce, despite being promoted as BNB.

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For smaller boobs, you can override the body mesh with a Type 3 Berry (or Alice) variant made for Type 4 without getting a neck seam, but the actual problem is to find a complete armor/clothing replacer for that body, which I failed. Didn't want to use Exeter's garbage, or the other ones made for Type 3M and 6M. In terms of proportions (arms & torso), this body is also shit, but still way better than anything available (i.e. other Type 3/6 variants).

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This is also the first time I'm using a weather mod as well as an interior lighting mod. Won't affect the game play of course, but make things looks interesting, which is also why I reduced the resolution, to compensate for the possible frame rate issues on my potato laptop.

Anyway, back to gaming...

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My problem was not only finding a decent nude body but also a full armor replacer for that body. Unfortunately, even if I could easily find that, when the body deviates too much from the vanilla, it becomes incompatible with other mods that were made for the vanilla body. I had this mod called High Desert tactical gear or something, which I really liked back when I was playing this game for the first time, I still have it but it was made for the vanilla body. There's no patch for it for this particular body. There's no patch for this body for many other mods either.

People's obsession with these "curvy" bodies create a lot of problems in terms of mod incompatibility. Even if you had a tool like BodySlide, not every mod would support it. Why not just stick with a higher quality vanilla body without deviating too much from its original proportions? "Nah, I want big huge melons and skimpy armors". Imagine wearing a combat armor and more than half or it is missing. LOL Skimpy may be fine, when they're NOT armors. I mean look at this outfit, takes all the immersion out of me. Who would wear something like that? It's just cringe.

Anyway, if anybody has a better alternative armor replacer in mind for Type 3 Berry/Alice please let me know. I'd be more than delighted to get rid of this ridiculous skimpiness.

In case it wasn't clear in the first post: I definitely want to continue to use this race but it only works with its original body (Type 6z or something) or Type 4, if you use a second mod to patch it to do so. And there's a third mod, which comes with Type 4 compatible meshes, but their body shape is Type 3 Alice or Berry. Type 3 however doesn't have a high quality armor replacer. Replacers for Type 3M/6M are also fairly skimpy, though perhaps not as ridiculous as this one.



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