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Inar One-eye

Kendo 2

Getting ready to redo one of my favorite play-throughs; 'The Sorry Son-of-a-Bitch'.


  • Do the claw quest for Lucan so you can bang his sister.
  • Get the stone from Bleak Falls Barrow, kill the flying health bar big lizard and don't go see the Greybeards until the Civil War meeting.
  • Pretend to join the Legion but refuse to take the oath. Shouldn't have tried to cut my head off and pay-backs are a muther-fucker. You'll see.
  • If you see a Thalmor Patrol on the road, they die. That dumb Dark Elf farmer that wants to join the Legion can die too.

And for the big win, a multistage fuck-over of Maven Blackbrair and the Thieves' Guild.

  • Join the Thieves' Guild and drop Madesi's ring. 'Oopsie, I lost it.'
  • Do the collections quest but kill all the targets. Have 3000 gold to pay your bounty if you get caught. Money well spent. Before you go back to Brynjolf dump all the gold in your inventory into a barrel or something and THEN report to douche Brynjolf.  Dead marks and NO GOLD. narf-narf
  • If you can catch Sapphire alone (depends on the timing) you can kill her in the Ratway.
  • Burn ALL the hives at Golden Glow and kill the wood elf. 'Looks like I made another oopsie.'
  • Never meet with Maven Blackbrair. Fuck that bitch, her time is coming.
  • Kill Grelod the Kind and then kill Ass-trib. They are collateral damage since Maven loves the Dark Brotherhood so much. This is more of a roleplay thing.
  • Join the Storm Cloaks and do the Civil War quest. At the peace meeting be sure the Storm Cloaks are not held responsible for Karthwasten AND the Empire gets Riften. Once the war is over Maven and her rotten family will be exiled to Solitude, basically removing them from the game.
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Totally win over Maven's daughter Ingun and bang her. Get invited to the house to meet the family. Make an excuse to slip away to the kitchen and drop Ingun's poisons into the soup. Return and just sip wine while everyone enjoys the first course. Smile menacingly when the stomach cramps start.

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