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Ravaryn and Jenassa

Kendo 2

I was going through my old screenshots and came across this.  It's my old character Ravaryn from when I was doing my first play through of the Mages' College quest line.  That was back in July 2014 according to the date on the image.  That play through was also the first time I used Jenassa as a follower.  She was so awesome my toon ended up marrying her.

I had a lot of game firsts playing Ravaryn and it was a lot of fun.  I guess that's why I've kept the screenshot for so long. :P

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He looks good. Better than most of the dark elves. Did you do something, something to his face? I could like that if that what was the results when I tried to have a dark elf. Most of the time I end up looking like someone hit my toon with the ugly stick.. slightly better than my Mass Andromeda original female character... shudders. 

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I don't remember how I made him, what mods I was using at the time, etc.  And like a dumb-ass I didn't export and save his face for use later.  I've tried recreating him a couple of times and I can't do it.

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Yea, I know how you feel. I had/have the same problem.



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I pretty much could get the same outfit but I cannot re-create her face. It really pisses me off considering I can't even get close to something as good as that (at least for my skills) So I can't even create something comparable. 

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I had the tendency to do that when I started making presets. Even times when I would reinstall Skyrim and forget to back them up. The nerve! :angry02:

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3 hours ago, endgameaddiction said:

I had the tendency to do that when I started making presets. Even times when I would reinstall Skyrim and forget to back them up. The nerve! :angry02:



I don't know how to back up the presets. :(

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Saving a preset is pretty much backing it up. Well, I have a folder where I dump my presets and exported headmesh and tints with the skse/plugins/chargen/preset file path that I then compress to an archive and install it with MO. You can do that or just save your exports and presets and then dump them in the skse path through the MO overwrite. Either way works. But I don't like doing it through the overwrite because I like to keep the ones I like saved in a archive and not mix them with presets I'm working on.

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The way I do it now; once I get a face I like I give the character vanilla hair and eyes and then console spf to export it.  Then in the CK I make a new preset NPC and import the face.  When exporting from the game I always name it 'spf NordFemaleFace01', or something like that.  Those spf's can be saved in any folder outside of the Skyrim directory and used later.

That's how I did all of the presets for the Custom Race mod...old school style. :P

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