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  1. this outfit is sick thanks bro here some screen
  2. interesting description and char obviously
  3. i don't get it ..still there's nothing creepy for me if u need creepy try tor network or simply bestgoredotcom )))
  4. hey thanks for your nice works i also like your tumblr that texture you used on the body (swimsuit tanline ) was epic and your characters are sexy
  5. well if anything i was watching this thread for a long time....for Helena's dress mostly...but i just don't understand how to add the HDT SMP support...the web is very vague and 3dm is umm god damn chinese any tips ? (i downloaded the pack but the clothes don't appear on the char) http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-486.html
  6. i feel you well never mind it wasn't like i need something now but rather learning just for the sake of knowing how to....maybe in the future they'll create some tool to deal with this issue..if i find something something I'm dying to have for uunp i'll ask u for help xx atm there's no such thing
  7. Thanks for answering ... ...umm mr.Doublezero i won't go too far cuz it will be too difficult but if u do make a tutorial (video omg not written or silent with text )....please just demonstrate how you take an outfit made for cbbe or uunp (without support for eachother) and put that outfit on cbbe/uunp perfectly (you know )...please show both like first a cbbe outfit make it uunp hdt then a uunp outfit make it cbbe hdt ...and if that outfit is make weird (like doesn't have hdt) please show how to add (i think the esp is changed right? )...i'm a lil' high please don't judge me :)))))))))
  8. what will be really important is a Conversion Tutorial ( cbbe hdt to uunp hdt and vice versa) ..bad enough theres still so few who know how to make outfits or port from daz..it seems pro modders don't want to let others know so they have to be constantly begged by others....mr. Doublezero do something
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