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  1. It's been 20+ years since I did any fancy batch file writing and I have no idea how to do this anymore. My original goal was to display a random painting every time I enter a cell. Doing it in CK will consume ridiculous amount of time for me to learn how to do it so I had another idea. A batch file renaming from a random selection of DDS texture to the one linked to the painting's nif. I won't have a new painting every time in a cell but will have one every time I launch Skyrim. So here is the logic: >>> goto folder \textures\randomPaintings\ (this will contain all the candidate DDS files. the actual DDS linked to the nif is target.DDS. All other DDS files have names in 1.DDS, 2.DDS etc). Say there are 11 files in the directory (target.DDS + 10 other DDS files from 1 to 10) t = a random number from 1 to 10 rename target.DDS to target.DDS.tmp rename t.DDS to target.DDS rename target.DDS.tmp to t.DDS end >>> I want to combine and run this before SKSE64 in a single batch file. Thanks EDIT: Never mind, I guess batch file it's kinda like riding a bicycle. Here is the sample code in case anyone wants to try: >>> @ECHO OFF chdir /d "D:\\z" SET /a _rand=(%RANDOM%*5/32768)+1 ECHO Random number %_rand% rename 0.txt 0.%_rand% rename %_rand%.txt 0.txt rename 0.%_rand% %_rand%.txt >>> In this example there are 6 txt files in the folder d:\z going from 0.txt, 1.txt etc to 5.txt
  2. Back at you, only your opinions are the Truth and if you said something is shit it must be.
  3. Well, I had my doubts of ME being FPS after hearing about all the deviations from DA:O and got it only very, very late after it was released. It turned out OK and ME2 was one of the best games I've played. It's the execution and not the concept that mattered. Saw a follow-up interview on CDPR forum on FPP. It sounds like instead of having TPP/FPP switching as a player action they decided that the game is better off the switching being at the director's discretion. Like I said, in some situations FPP is superior and others TPP is so without knowing how the game weaves its narratives and interacts with the world it's all back to CDPR's execution. The shit storm is getting ridiculous. It's not like CDPR took crowdfunding money or pissed on some cherished existing IP. If it's good, buy it, if not, move on.
  4. Fanboys defend bad product AFTER launch even when facts are evident. Fanboyism lack intelligence but making conclusions before the fact and without proper analysis other than stroking your own ego is just flip side of the coin. The only reason a game cannot do TPP is if the developer did not create an in-game player model. All evidence so far point to CP2077 has player model(s). FPP is superior to TPP in certain situations and vice versa. To conclude this game is a piece of shit because most of what has been shown so far, which is nothing but bits, is FPP is illogical and implying those who think otherwise are inferior in intelligence is dickish. That Kingdom Come: Deliverance did not launch with TPP is clearly for cost reason, not because the developers think it makes the game "better" and certainly not for technical reason because player model exists. All reviews said the game shows evidence of being rushed. A mod has already enabled TPP and if the developer chose not to included it in subsequent patches then we can accuse Warhorse for being obtuse but so far their crime is an incomplete game. I don't have Kingdom Come: Deliverance but in 40+ years almost every games I've enjoyed are neither perfect nor complete.
  5. The second post of that polling discussion on CDPR says it all. What's the point of customizing your character's appearance if the game is in FPP? Real RPG must have TPP with FPP optional during combat or conversation. But honestly I am pretty sure the game will have TPP. From what I read the demo was to showoff the game's combat mechanics so make sense FPP was the preferred POV.
  6. Maybe it's just me but that girl holding a pistol by the window is probably the most feminine video game character I've ever seen. Man, I really hope there is full modding support for adult mods.
  7. Depends on Starfield. If Starfield is done for 11/11/19 then Tes6 for 11/11/21 for 10th year anniversary of Skyrim. If Starfield delays to 11/11/20 then Tes6 gets push back to 2022.
  8. How many trailers did TW3 have? I am sure CDPR will show the dark side in the next trailer.
  9. That's what I am hoping, fully supported modding. The models in Wolfenstein 2 are not bad in terms of details because idTech is not duct tapped together like Gambryo in Skyrim/FO4 but I want adult mods in CP2077.
  10. I figure the world has your standard upstairs-downstairs class segregation but I think the knock is that the trailer did not show enough of a contrast. Looking at Starfield and ES6 teasers it looks like Bethesda may have finally switched to idTech. I hope CP2077 has full mod support. With Bethesda switching to a new engine this is the best time for CDPR to win over the modding community as both sides could be starting anew.
  11. Yep, in addition to the world being colorful and bright the buildings and streets are also too clean to be "the worst city to live in the United States". Strange because that's not the case in the first trailer. Cleanliness and superficial order can totally work with dystopia but not with gangs in punk outfits running around. With CDPR's reputation it's probably just a poorly directed trailer.
  12. There is an article on pcgamer saying the same: https://www.pcgamer.com/william-gibson-doesnt-think-cyberpunk-2077-is-cyberpunk-enough/ My first impression is the about same as you and him. I thought it's Mass Effect's Sheapard in GTA It's the lighting IMO, too sunny and bright. However, I tried to think at every cyberpunk movie that got the "look" right and everyone sucked except the original Blade Runner. It's easy to change the lighting and weather and I am sure CDPR got the message but it's hard to get the story and character right.
  13. nsfwmodszzz

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Make sense. It's mostly an office comedy and not the typical Anime exports. 70% of my Netflix "watching" is background noise and most of that is from the Netflix Originals the service crammed on my recommended list. The "hit-ratio" that Netflix executives keep bragging about of its Originals is a mirage.
  14. nsfwmodszzz

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Just caught it on Netflix. It's Japanese office comedy dressed in the famed Sanrio cuteness. Humor is a lot sharper in the beginning of the season but got formulaic toward the end.
  15. It makes zero sense to license a tabletop RPG and then turn it into a FPS. You can save yourself a lot of money and fan backlash by just recycle meh settings and characters of typical MOBA if that's the game your are making. If you want a built-in fan base for another generic FPS "storytelling" then you want an IP with mass audience awareness and not a small niche tabletop RPG. The more I read about CP2077 the more I am convinced technically it's similar to GTA5/online but a RPG. The concept is nothing new. Bioware wanted to go that direction before they cashed out their souls to EA. Bethesda "said" that's what they wanted to make but they didn't have the guts or the talent to pull it off so instead they did TES Online and a crippled FO4. Nintendo finally pulled it off with the new Zelda. It will be interesting to see what Rockstar has done with Red Dead Redemption 2. Does it advance the fusion of single player RPG and open world sandbox or is it a reskin of GTA5?