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  1. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    About the fighting monk in Rogue One. C'mon you don't expect Donnie Yen not kung fu fighting in a Hollywood movie now? He ticks two boxes: the China market and a stereotype that invokes Jedi in a Star Wars movie without actual Jedi.
  2. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    If you are starving for more Lost like shows then this is probably not a waste of time. Just don't expect anything resembling what attracted people to love the original Lost in Space and its source material Swiss Family Robinson.
  3. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    This is likely going to be a short thread. It's pretty obvious this show never intended to do "Lost in Space" but a money grab of doing "Lost" in space.
  4. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    Watched a couple more episodes of the new Lost in Space since. Other than characters' names and the catchphrase it has zero resemblance to the original. It's basically the same show as the very derivative Terra Nova in theme and quality with a splash of SJW on top. Yeah the Guinevere role put me off the Merlin show for a long time. I am not invulnerable to my own prejudice. I recently caught it on Netflix as background noise initially and was not bothered by it much. Her casting was clearly for PC reason but the show had almost zero reference to the Arthurian legend in British identity and is very much a generic disposable fantasy. With such low bar frankly they can colorblind cast anyone for that show and wouldn't tilt the balance for me. BBC has done far worst SJW shows. Torch Light just to name one. SJW made that show unwatchable. I was actually looking forward to the new Doctor, mostly for finally no more Steven Moffat than seeing the first female Doctor. I caught some of Joide Whittaker's works since and like the actress. As a Yank I was never a Doctor fan and only started because of David Tennant. I don't get the hate against black Storm Troopers. In all the years I've watched Star Wars there was no point I thought Storm Troopers or the Empire are racial. The Nazi reference is obvious in the imagery but within the stories it's always obvious to me that the Sith vs. Jedi struggle is about power and not something superficial about the skin color of a single specie among many in the galaxy. I am not a fan of JJ Abrams but I like seeing a female Jedi protagonist. I love Bastila in KOTOR. Too bad Rey is not a very good character.
  5. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    I was being sarcastic of the Hollywood racial hypocrisy. Asian males cannot be sexual is the flip side of the Suzie Wong racist casting practice which lasted all the way into the 90s. Asian male stereotype lasted even longer and some might say still lingers today in casting decisions.
  6. I think the update does need more diversity from the original but having a black Judy in the very, very white Robinson family cast is just as hypocritical as making Sue Storm adopted in the black Storm family that killed the F4 franchise. I can totally see the bullshit Hollywood decision process. They can't make Dr. Smith black because he's the main bad guy disregarding that it is actually the best role in the show. They can't make the Robinsons black or a mixed race couple because Netflix needs a majority white cast for the international markets where black actors don't draw as well in Europe and Asia. They could make the male stud black but they also need to fill a non-black non-white quota so the male stud is now Hispanic because Asian males cannot be studs. That leaves with the F4 option of making one of the Robinson children not blood related. Of course non-related families can be closer than blood families but that requires a shit load of expositions. There are shows that have done well in this regard but those shows build around that families are more than blood as a core theme. Three episodes in it's pretty clear that the perfect daughter Judy Robinson being a different race is not a creative choice. Like F4 it's a big red herring indicative of the quality of writing going forward. Also, is it just me or that male characters are intentionally written as simple minded muscles? So far only females are intelligent, thoughtful and authoritative.
  7. PC Bulding Simulator

    Coming from real experience a simulation game of stocking store shelves will be far more challenging than a PC building sim, and neither is worth doing unless you are getting paid.
  8. The Electronic Arts thread

    So EA has been paying attention to the business models of Patreon game developers In business school they call it pivoting to SaaS.
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    I actually have a different take to this news. EA didn't go all in with MTX because they are evil, they are but it's because MTX business model (addiction and extraction) has much better return on capital than the content business model. It seems that CDPR as a listed public company is under pressure from shareholders to maximize profits. CDPR founders might be fine of not to chase profits right now but things could change. If you look at recent financial performances of long established public game companies, those that prosper are all big in MTX while those that whither tend to have stick with the content business model. Nintendo and CDPR are the two exceptions. CDPR is new but Nintendo was struggling for many years until the new Zelda. Without regulation digital addiction based profit models will only get more prevalent with technological advances.
  10. Getting it Right by Design...sorta; NSFWMods.com

    It's easy to be open and frank when the community is small but drama is inevitable in any discussion, and worse when money is in the mix. How to manage drama is the biggest challenge for any moderator, online or offline, big community or small. Nexus was already commercial when I started modding but in my limited experience LL wasn't like that until it changed its stance on money in modding and then refused to write new rules. This started an escalation of drama and like Nexus the moderators resorted to the easy way out by using censorship. Censorship is easy and effective in controlling speech or "drama" and just like everyone who's ever in power once LL moderators went down that road there is no stopping. Whereas moderators used to locked threads for lack of civility or clear rule breaking now they just delete posts they don't like in the name of "drama". In essence they stopped being moderators. Something to keep in mind if nsfwmods ever become a big success.
  11. Job description sounds more like writer than designer. I thought nowadays in AAA productions those are two different jobs and sitting above them is the game architect/director. It's a rare talent to be able to excel at both.
  12. Accessory Body N05

    Too focus on the opening to notice the too many holes
  13. Witcher Coming to Netflix

    Nice to get a reminder of Witcher lore. The origin story was barely talked about after TW1. I've never read the books but it makes more sense that the author imagined Geralt (or witchers in general?) as sickly looking to infer the fear and disdain of the Plague among the general population of medieval Europe. This I think works much better than the yellow eye Nordic god of the CDPR interpretation, but probably with less visual appeal in a video game or live action movie/series.
  14. Witcher Coming to Netflix

    I must be the only person who think Altered Carbon represents the typical Netflix bloat. To be fair, it is not as bad as I think it to be but everything in that show reminds me what a shitty experience I had with Ghost in the Shell (lead writer now show runner). A good Ghost in the Shell movie should be Ex Machina with kick ass actions but instead we got Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch of Big scenes, Big Sets and Big Speech. Characters and small details are what make the Big Concepts ticked in sci-fi. I actually don't have a problem with Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell. Besides that no one in real life could look remotely like the characters in the manga, Major's ethnicity has no bearing on the story or the character. Ghost in the Shell is just a terrible movie. Character motivation is what matters, which is why I think Idris Elba could make a good 21century Bond but James Bond would never work as a female. It's been a long time since I played TW1 but aren't witchers society outcasts feared and discriminated against by "normal" people? So a non-white Geralt could make sense even in a medieval European setting, especially now that through genetics we know the "original" Europeans have dark skin and blue eyes (fair skin genes came from Central Asia much later). Geralt and witchers could be from an ancient bloodline that is mostly extinct. I am not saying that I want a different looking Geralt from CDPR, which I think CDPR also took liberty of the Geralt from the books, but I don't see it alters Geralt's motivation.
  15. Witcher Coming to Netflix

    Plus: The studio doing the Netflix Witcher adaption did the intro scenes for all CDPR games. Minus: All Netflix Originals suffer from the Netflix Bloat Disease (both in execution and artistic intent), a result of too much money and not enough producer oversight.