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  1. Intellectual Corner

    These fantasy/fetish posts would make far more sense in a fantasy/fetish thread.ritualclarity is cool with it all one of you need do is post it.Love ya guys.
  2. Appears one might need a fantasy/fetish thread because what is happening in the Intellectual thread is far from Intellectual.

    1. ritualclarity


      that sounds cool. You can create on in the appropriate subforum. As long as the content doesn't violate our community rules, I don't see a problem with it. Also it would be better if you or another member creates it ;)

  3. Elvis

  4. Elvis

  5. Elvis

  6. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance Elvis
  7. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance Michael Jackson Amazing performance Smooth Criminal Amazing performance Bad
  8. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance David Bowie R.I.P.
  9. Music Lovers Thread

    Elvira Gothic Girl Dead Girls Are Easy Perfect Skin
  10. Kitten face preset

    @Luismo00 Isn't that the Race Menu mod?I used Enhanced Character Edit mod only.It used to work for me as you can tell by the screenshots so i don't get it. If someone with Enhanced Character Edit only could try it.... Otherwise if it's corrupted i'll just remove it.
  11. TombRaider see through.

    TombRaider see through.
  12. TombRaider stylish.

    Looking good.
  13. TombRaider stylish.

    Looking good.