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  1. Ok,little brother i've lightened my posts on this site and require you to delete my account,forthwith.

    The thread in question is nothing more then a misogynistic,racist,anti-humanist troll thread.That it is tolerated says a lot about the trash running this site.

    Hehe,my request to start a anti-theist thread was sarcasm,that none of you identified it as such is not surprising.  


  2. Gandalftw


    Sorry,guys have your fun.
  3. Appears one might need a fantasy/fetish thread because what is happening in the Intellectual thread is far from Intellectual.

    1. ritualclarity


      that sounds cool. You can create on in the appropriate subforum. As long as the content doesn't violate our community rules, I don't see a problem with it. Also it would be better if you or another member creates it ;)

  4. Gandalftw

    Kitten face preset

    View File Kitten face preset My Kitten character face preset. Submitter Gandalftw Submitted 10/15/2017 Category Hair and Face Models  
  5. Hey brother,how will we know if anything is being downloaded here?


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    2. Gandalftw


      Nah,i'll just delete it,maybe one day there will be a place for assorted mods.Thanks anyway.:D 

    3. ritualclarity


      Whatever makes you happy. :D

      Touch base with DZ in a few months and see if anything has changed or can change on this.

    4. Gandalftw


      Don't worry be happy is my motto.:D

      I'm making a pot of my famous venison stew tonight and you're invited.It's at eight on the veranda don't be late.

  6. Gandalftw

    Site addition suggestion

    Ok,interesting,these are mods for old games so i'm not so sure how serious the traffic will be...I'll give it a day or two.Thanks.
  7. Gandalftw

    Site addition suggestion

    Is there any way/possibility to add other game mods to this site?I have some mods your guests may like but right now my only choice is to share them on my blog through FileFactory.FileFactory is free,very cool,i love them,but more often than not their servers are busy and my blog members can't download them.Sad. So i have some Saints Row 2,3,4 and some Kingdoms of Amalur and other assorted mods, if i can find them,i know they are there somewhere.
  8. Gandalftw

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Up In Smoke Original trailer Dog Day Afternoon Cape Fear The Crow
  9. Gandalftw

    Movie Lovers Thread

    I had a shitload of 8tracks that i listened to while driving,at home it was all vinyl.By tape i assume you mean reel to reel? When i moved to cassette it was my car stereo i was talking about.When i was younger i spent a lot of time in my car/van/motorcycle. Yeah i had a quadraphonic stereo at home which was pretty amazing.All my albums were like new for i handled them by the edges and kept them clean.I would buy two albums of music that i thought might one day be important.I still have a large box of albums from 60's and 70's in storage that have never been played. Yes i remember the lazer discs,i used to repair the players for people.I would buy up every player i could find,working or not,for parts.I finally sold all my lazer discs and players to a guy for 500 bucks,wish i hadn't now,oh well...
  10. Gandalftw

    Movie Lovers Thread

    @Endgameaddiction I have to see Apocalypto,looks interesting. @ritualclarity Moving from 8track music to cassette was very painful,not to mention expensive,i gave up trying to copy them over because the track changes were so annoying.
  11. Gandalftw

    Site addition suggestion

    Cool,y'all,thanks anyway for tolerating my OCD.
  12. Gandalftw

    Site addition suggestion

    Once again i'm old,hehe,so i can be obsessed by things that mean nothing to others because i'm old,i should totally ignore it but i'm old.. I agree completely that rankings mean nothing.I wouldn't want to see it removed for i'm sure some enjoy it but when i see my username there i feel as if i'm being forced into a situation that i don't agree with nor appreciate.A way to hide it would be cool but a way to remove a members participation in the ranking system would,IMO,be better. Don't get me wrong i like likes but even more so i appreciate having a dialog with members that liked my post.Liking a post is very simple but providing the reason why is far more enjoyable than achieving a new rank.
  13. Gandalftw

    Site addition suggestion

    Allow members to opt out of the popularity contest.I'd like to be able to like members posts without moving them into some kind of fantasy achievement.I noticed some members will make positive comments without actuality liking the post,is that due to competition?I believe it is,i for one don't need to be encouraged to post,i'm a crazy old man and i've been doing my best to limit my posts.Hehehe...I prefer a classless society where we are all appreciated for our individuality. Winning the day?Come on..
  14. Gandalftw

    Movie Lovers Thread

    Easy Rider. I saw this at an outdoor theater. The ending of this pissed me off so bad i put several dents in my buddies 55 Chevy dashboard,i paid to have it fixed so...Great movie but the ending sucks.
  15. Gandalftw


    Ok,cool will do...