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  1. Say one thing about Bethesda games, people like to talk about them.. But back on topic. The things I like about the Witcher games. The atmosphere of the world, the dark fairytale style is something I've always loved. I like that there are shades of grey in decisions instead of just a binary good and bad. And that there is so much nastiness in the world, not that I'm a nasty person but it really adds to the overall feel. The alchemy, especially in the first game. Having to acquire books so that you could learn how to harvest components from plants and animals, the categories of base components that could be combined differently for varying effects. And the sheer variety in the crafting of alchemical items. I've often thought about trying to emulate parts of it in Skyrim, though perhaps with less semen. (Oh god, now I'm doing it) What I don't like. Geralt! Not entirely true. But things like the way he speaks to Roach. They make me want to punch him.
  2. I wasn't trying to make the point that Bethesda games are better because you can mod them. I was just being clear that it was a part of it. Because I know that if I had just stated that I've spent over 1000 hours the first reply would probably have been "only because of modding". What's with everyone throwing around accusations of straw man arguments, you see it in so many online discussions these days. It's almost like the children learned a new word which they think makes them sound clever. Just to point out that if you really have played over 1000 hours in Witcher 3 then you beat the completion average on howlongtobeat by over 800 hours, from a selection of 262 polled. I'm not saying you haven't but it would appear to make you a significant outlier. To answer if I could play a Bethesda game for over 1000 hours unmodded with the substantial content that they offer. I have no idea, I've never tried. Anyway this seems a little too much like the other place where having an opinion that goes against the collective leads to everyone piling on to stifle that opinion. I just want to enjoy making mods, so I'll leave it there.
  3. As much as I enjoyed the Witcher games and I did they are amazing games, for me personally they don't hold a candle to the Bethesda games. In Skyrim and the Creation Kit I have spent over 1000 hours, fast approaching this in Fallout 4 and the equivalent kit. That is an incredible measure of euros spent/time. I'm not using all of this time only to fix the game or attempt to apply other peoples mods to fix it. I assure you I'm spending all of that time because I find enjoyment in it. There is something that Bethesda do that fundamentally allow me to connect to the character I'm playing, something I don't experience in other games (yes, even in Fallout 4 with the dialogue system changes). Basically I spent a couple of hundred hours playing through the Witcher games and had my fill (this is good value for money). After a thousand hours and more I still look forward to playing Skyrim and Fallout.
  4. I went back and played 1 and 2 after 3. At first Witcher 1 felt very clunky (particularly the combat for me) but I stuck with it and ended up loving it. Focusing on the group sword style made everything a lot easier, it's basically all I used after a certain point. I preferred 1 to 2 though both were thoroughly worthwhile. The alchemy system in 1 is the most amazing implementation of alchemy in a game that I have ever encountered. It was worth it for that alone. In comparison, the alchemy in 2 and 3 was a step back imho.
  5. I've created a new world space from scratch just pushing and pulling it into existence. Easy, very easy but. IMHO a horrid, horrid endeavour. Creating something that looks natural in such a way is fraught with mediocrity. There is a tool called L3DT which supposedly can convert heightmaps into Skyrim terrain worldspaces. I am at the point where I can create realistic and consistent heightmaps but I'm yet to turn those into workable worldspaces within the creation kit. I will make it work.
  6. I just use whatever is the latest version of NMM (I really like Nexus, the site, the community and the staff). It's okay, I'm used to being called an idiot . I'm really of the mindset that, if it isn't broke don't fix it and it's always worked well for me (I guess I'm lucky).
  7. I would not argue against your own motivations. But some modders are diving on Fallout 4. As much as I hate to admit it, it's a large reason for the delay in the next version of Bestial Essence. I love the game and it has given me many times more inspiration to mod than Skyrim ever did. The transition to creation kit for Fallout 4 is so smooth and I am really appreciating the quality of life improvements. I made a fairly complex mod for Skyrim, comprising over 400 scripts (and many other components besides). I personally believe that Fallout 4 is a much better canvas to work upon, both in game and in creation kit. As for people pleading for content, let them plead so early in the creation tools existence. And cast a suspicious eye on authors who release substantive content so early in the lifecycle of said tools.
  8. Ah that's a shame. And I could have avoided that big blurb Tak.
  9. What did you have in mind? I can't say I'd be able to contribute as I'm already working on two mods. But I would love to hear what your idea was and maybe discuss techniques to do with world space formation. I've made a separate worldspace that ties into a mod in Skyrim. It's not very big, 7x7 cells (a little bigger but everything outside of that is water or icebergs). I didn't use any generation tools like l3dt and heightmaps, I just sculpted it all by hand. It has been fun but it was an enormous time sink (if I could start over I'd do it differently). I have reiterated over it so many times, worrying that it was too flat, too sparse etc. An idea that I had that must involve a separate worldspace (but not an alternative to the main game start). This isn't one of the mods I am working on currently but maybe for the future. (I've written dialogue for it but done no work in the CK ) I really love the Brotherhood of Steel and I have this huge role play desire to be a scribe in their ranks. What I imagined was adding a new officer aboard the Prydwen that assigned missions for aspiring scribes. You would be a scribe with a group of Brotherhood soldiers who effectively acted as your bodyguards on a mission. You're the brains, they're the brawn. You would board the vertibird on the deck of the Prydwen and a prompt asks if you're ready to undertake that mission. Assuming you do , load screen to you and your team aboard a vertibird coming in to land at the location of interest. Which would be a relatively small worldspace bounded by the Bethesda style obliterated landscape you see around the glowing sea and the "you shall not pass" scripted collision planes to ensure you don't wander too far off mission. The size of that space would differ from mission to mission but nothing too big. As for the mission I envisage it more about getting to know the team you're with. Some of them might be the typical BoS hardass, others much more relatable. And I think a cool metric for mission success would be how many made it back alive, despite the hostilities encountered or, more importantly, any story driven infighting during the mission.
  10. Yes, I'm Carabosse from Loverslab. Please don't run away. (found it) I'll leave the talk of banning back there. I'll aim to upload a cut down version of the next version update for Bestial Essence soon. (Is there any kind of issue with uploading files that require frameworks from other sites?) I'd feel better having something uploaded and would be nice if the most up to date version was found here.
  11. Make me a hat for my Fallout 4 mod! I have one atm but it's just a re-texture of the Airship Captains hat and it looks a little goofy. The Happy Hookers logo looks good on it though.
  12. Hi I'm Carabosse. I'm here because Kendo2 (traitor) told me to come here and I effectively got myself banned from Loverslab (I couldn't find the smiley) I'll be uploading Skyrim and Fallout 4 (boo hiss) mods, all in good time. (I still can't find the smiley)
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