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  1. This looks so much better than what Bethesda can ever do.
  2. I updated this thread's title to make it more of a general discussion and news related to Nvidia and Radeon GPUs in general.
  3. I have no doubt that TES6 will look on-point when it comes to the landscape. If there is one thing I can give Bethesda Games Studio credit for, they know how to do a fantastic job with the landscapes. I think the major concern for the modding community is seeing Bethesda further distance themselves from the mod community all to commercialize even more on microtransactions. I don't think it's hyperbolic to think that every iteration that is released in the times to come will only come with a lesser version of the Creation Kit. Given that money seems to be the most concern with these publ
  4. I don't see a point opening up a new thread with Nvidia's latest GPUs but this just keeps on going.... Come on Radeon! We need competition.
  5. If you find a guide to port mods over, you could use those. I'm trying to find a good guide to back port this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29905
  6. The original armor is https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13761. I don't know if he ported it over to SSE. I removed the rib cages though. And thanks. Oh the mask is from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52981. Not sure if that is ported over as well.
  7. Brittany is always on-point. I admire this woman. We are a divided nation and I honestly never see the nation united again.
  8. So I've been working on another muscular body. This time i did it for _0 and _1. My original intent with my previous body was to be a body for an orc follower of mine, because I view orc women to be bulky. Most of them anyways. But this particular body may be for this specfiic character or my actual Dragon born character. *shrugs* Not sure yet.
  9. I think Bethesda nailed it very well with the raiders in Fallout 3. Not only the hairstyle and colors, but the voice actors for both sexes were very fitting. They carried that very rebellious anarchist persona. You reminded me of this image.
  10. Well, from what recently read the game is more geared towards being independent and not relying on other players like it originated when it came to doing the moderate to extremely difficult tasks. This all started right before I left around 2012. So none of this is a surprises me. A lot of people complained how the game was so hard to level up because you had to rely on others. Anyways, I hanged my primary choice since I forgot at the moment this was to do with SPG.
  11. You are making me reconsider changing my primary choice because that is so true. Even though I could do so much on Fallout 3, it doesn't even come close to Skyrim.
  12. A lot of images for this one. x.x
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