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  1. lol He gets shot in the leg and it still doesn't phase him.
  2. At least those vault bags in game look much better than those nylon bags they first sent out. The more I look at Fallout 76 the more it looks like some child's game. Nothing about it to me makes any sense. Just some shooty shooty bang bang mixed with mindcraft building and Skyrim's deformed version of a dragon in the sky. I thoroughly enjoyed Fallout 3 because it was more in line with my style of a post-apoc where it was more serious and felt more like a survival game. I still remember stepping out of Vault 101 for the first time and I was just blown away how good the wasteland looked. I also remember going right and getting my ass chewed up by feral dogs and was scared to go that way for a long time. lol
  3. For what I want to do, my truck isn't capable of doing. But I've had this truck since I was 19 so it hold a lot of sentimental value apart from it having only 89k miles for a 1997 truck. I can't let it go because eventually I want to get into welding and I will need something to haul scrap metal.
  4. Well, I haven't kept up-to-date, but I've been done with the front suspension for over a month now. Definitely much better, but it needs an alignment. However, there's a possible chance I might just end up selling this one. I also have up for sell an imported Nissan engine (SR20DET) because I have no plans to put that engine in my car so if I can sell that for the amount I'm asking for, there's a high chance I am also just going to sell the Xterra. Selling both will give me enough to buy a pretty nice 2nd gen Xterra 4wd. If not, I'll get another 1st gen but in much better condition. Or even better, one with a solid axle swap in the front. Right now for the past few weeks I've been working on getting my F-150 back up and running. It's been sitting there for a long time. I was a complete dumbass years ago and I started it up with old gas and I wasn't aware (at the time) that old gas becomes bad and creates varnish. So when I had cranked it, it was idling very bad. Under 500 rpm. Back then my dad and I changed out the fuel pump, and that didn't help. It wasn't until I had a mechanic look at it and told me about the old fuel. So we both dropped the tank and cleaned it out as best as possible and filled it with new fuel. Same issue was going on. So he told me that more than likely my fuel injectors and fuel rail are clogged because of the varnish. So I was like meh... and let it sit ther for more years until I decided that I would just stop being lazy and get it back up and running. So I've removed the manifold to get to the fuel rails and remove the injectors. Sure enough they look like they are clogged because of the varnish. I haven't taken off the fule rail because there's two fuel lines connected to it and I haven't been thoroughly looked enough to see how they disconnect. Iv'e dropped the tank and spent the last 2 days in over 100 degrees cleaning it, but no matter how much varnish I've been able to get off, there is too much of it stuck to the walls of the tank. I think it's better to play it safe and buy a new tank along with a fuel pump, fuel filter, possibly fuel lines and fuel rails, and the fuel injectors.
  5. A ver si sus culos no se prende por los fuegos artificales.
  6. What's sad is these are the damn women who continue to breed awful generations that only know how to hate and live off the govt.
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's UE (Unity Engine). Because this game is based in Eora (world), which is the world Pillards of Eternity is based off of POE, which uses UE. Though, I'm not all that familiar with that engine. Another red flag for me is that this game will be for Win10. I'm not jumping ships from Win7. Sure, they might change that as the game gets downgraded overtime like the way CP2077 is turning out to be graphically. Still a long ways to go for this game, but yeah, modding a first person game, no thanks.
  8. Not worth being a cop. These are the typical hoodrats to call the police when their baby is drowning or choking on something but have the audacity to shit all over them. With people like this, I wouldn't ever want to be a cop. That is straight up child abuse. And another future generation to hate cops because cops baaaaaaaad. I wish they would snag their welfare checks and their kids, put them in a more loving environment and let them hoodrats die of starvation on the street because they're too lazy to get a job. I wouldn't feel an ounce of remorse for them. smh
  9. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind FPS, but it's not my first choice. My go to for FPS is RAGE. I'm intrigued about RAGE 2, but I can't support BSW. I think id Software makes great FPS games. And lastly I enjoyed Half Life back when that game came out. Wish I wouldn't have lent it to a friend back then. Never got it back. Surprising enough I never got into HL2. Beat HL many times. I guess if it's good, perhaps I'll give it a try. But from what I heard, Outer World writing wasn't that good, so I'd be skeptical about this game.
  10. "An Epic First-Person RPG" No thanks. Seems like FPS is going to be a trend for a while...
  11. Definitely! But given how woke it is, not gonna happen. Such a shame.
  12. LMAO This really needs to happen. This would melt every snowflake left on this planet.
  13. driftscape

    Alone in the Woods

    Those legs look mighty tasty!
  14. Man, she's hott. I wish I knew her name. She looks striking similar to one of my Skyrim characters, which was one of the reasons why I pinned her on Pinterest.
  15. Don't let them get to you. You can enjoy console if you like. I don't anymore. it used to be fun for me back in the days, but ever since I got into PC, I never looked back. Though, I still wish I had my PS1 and all my games for it. I miss that system.
  16. lol I would say more like 60-70s porno quality.
  17. So don't do it! *sniff sniff*
  18. She can't emotionally handle this lovely hipster kumbaya style of life that she wanted. Wah!
  19. I think I spotted one of your white liberal friends.
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