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  1. Hey all, I'm RowanSkie, IGN either RowanSkie, RowanSkye, or Rowan Ex, or Mark Johnson Crafters. I found this mod through FNV Type 4's page (because the female nude replacer had a link to Kendo 2's Breeze Redux). There, I downloaded some of his mods more. And now, since I got Sims 4 (Lucky break! Free for this week), I may or may not try the mods here. Also, I have an account on Loverslab and Nexus, which both really has more... immature people, in my opinion. Don't tell them.
  2. Thanks. I always try to be willing and sound like someone who needs help. Most of the time it works and I get responses that's better than my self-tried fixes. BTW, it works. Thanks!
  3. For some reason, hands are purple, which I know means missing. I'm going to send a picture after I try out to see if Breeze textures are on the correct folder. I also use Vortex, didn't use its crappy Archive Invalidation mechanics, and went for the FNV-compatible version of the FO3 Archive Invalidation program. am I doing anything wrong? EDIT: Turns out, that Archive Invalidation I used is bad too.
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