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  1. On 7/30/2018 at 2:03 PM, vancleef said:

    187 views and still only one person commenting?
    Come on! There's no shame diggin' Fall Out Porn! We're all fellow perverts here!
    Speak up!

    Not a social media kind of site.  I'll upload a mod and it will get thousands of downloads and maybe three comments.  It is what it is.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, ritualclarity said:

    Wouldn't there also be Super Mutants... from their Vault? I ask as I understand it that vault was experimenting quite early on (perhaps even before the bomb dropped and nuked the entrance) with Super Mutants. It wouldn't perhaps be as bad as it is now and perhaps might still have some humans there (admin) or perhaps ghoul(due to the door being nuked however inside through most o the vault it is pretty radiation free)

    Also I suspect there would be more cannibals during that time as well, which in time would come together later and forum the tribe which would eventually create the Luxe.

    I have however only briefly played with the lore from that time period...

    I have to admit I am getting a bit interested in this story line.. :)

    According to the 'real lore' (not Bethesda dev afterthoughts) the supermutants we're familiar with are still on the west coast and wouldn't have had time to make it to the Mojave.  Deathclaws aren't a thing either and the projects to make them and supermutants are not in full swing yet.

    I admit I haven't even considered cannibals as a wasteland hazard but they would definitely be something to deal with, though they wouldn't be a major factor imo.  In the plethora of gangs to deal with there would certainly be groups who eat people, either as a source of protein or as an intimidation tactic.

    As for the time line and what factions may or may not be around, the official time line has everything laid out really well.   The Brotherhood of Steel is still in the bunkers at Lost Hills.  They won't be doing anything for another 40 years.  The core group who founds the NCR are still in Vault 15 and people won't start leaving there until 2041, that's 14 years in the future.  The only faction to have any substantial presence is the Enclave, and they are still on the west coast.  Though I'm sure they would be scouting as far as their vertibirds could fly and they would have temporary fire bases scattered about.


  3. 1 hour ago, endgameaddiction said:

    Curious as to what kind of things Lance and his team don't report. I can only guess, but I'll have to wait and see later on.

    Well, in the 'official time line of the FO lore' not a whole helluva lot has happened per se in the Mojave.  My time line for the stories starts in 2127.  That allows for enought time to pass where the Vault 22 residents say 'fuck you' to the VaultTech directives and come to their collective senses.  In other vaults; the Boomers are still in a functioning Vault 34, Vault 22 has been opened for over 30 years and the events of Fallout 1 are still 30 years in the future.

    The only creatures around would be what was already in the Mojave.  Super mutants haven't arrived yet and 50 years isn't enough time for things like geckos, bighorners and brahmin to be 'a thing'.  The only mutated animals I see being reasonable are the giant insects.  There would be ghouls (sentient and feral) scattered about.  Mostly the danger would come from packs of wild dogs and other humans.

    Most likely the Mojave would be pretty sparse at this time, aside from roaming gangs fighting one another and living off of the old world's carcass, and small isolated farming communities scratching out a meager survival.  'Tribes' haven't formed yet since there isn't a social niche for them to fill.

  4. 3 hours ago, Karma199696 said:

    i never played with a male character because it's kind of immersion-breaking for me :) but these character you created are so close to female that i think i might try them and i'm curious to see how it is :) i might pretend that i got mutated by the radiations ;)

    Well, the races have both the boy and girl bits.  The follower I use these files for is just as you say, 'mutated'.  I never did a background story for her (since she's in my game only) but she was born as an Androgyne. ;)

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