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  1. Updating and condensing. First posting will be on LL, unfortunately. Only because formatting it on NSFW is a pain for me But it will get done and posted here soon!
  2. Yes, and 1920x1080 You'd need a 1080 to force 4k with the textures we're running
  3. 4th test install being done tonight, then revising the guide tomorrow (hopefully)
  4. NOT meaning to sound like a bitch... But this is info that is basically known already, bc the guide is fairly well known. While I appreciate your input, the obvious doesn't need to be stated.
  5. Yes, including conversion steps for some of people's favorite mods. Like SkyUI
  6. A little delayed (As I always seem to be), but progress is being made in testing, and hunting up new mods. Again, as always the goal is total immersion, stability, and ... utter sexiness. Follow me on Twitch to watch install and testing! <3 twitch.tv/anatriax
  7. Reading through all of this today to see if there's anything I missed / feel should be added. So far... some screenies NOTE: This seems to be running as fast and smooth as Skyrim SE, atm... so until mods catch up in SE, I will not be doing a guide for it.
  8. UPDATE: Beginning guide update. Users with Experience using 0SEX please inbox me with feedback/suggested mods. Thanks, guys
  9. Skyrim, preferably... as it will be the most relevant to Fallout 4. (Yes, Kendo. I know. "Blah blah Fallout 4 blah blah"). Lets face it. While it's a shitty came at it's core (story-wise), there's a lot of potential for mods to make a great game. I wanna add to that with a small story of my own
  10. Can someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for creating world spaces, and possibly one for creating quests? My time online recently is limited, and the help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. I just realized this guide is incomplete. -.- I'll fix that once I'm back online full time.
  12. Feeble attempts my ass. You're doing just as I would do <3
  13. Why should I delete the post when all of these mods should be included in the guide?
  14. I know I've been away for awhile. My apologies. Life has happened, and I will be without internet for a bit longer. 

    I did get a chance to see that a remastered Edition of Skyrim will be released this fall. I'll be back for that for sure. Hopefully sooner so I can come back to you with some newly created material. Time without internet will give me time to focus on relearning some lost skills. ;);)@ritualclarity We've had this discussion.

    Love you all. See you soon.

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    2. Anatriax


      Far from it, kind sir. Far from it. I'm spending tonight downloading massive amounts of mods, and tutorials, and tools... 

      Then I'm gone for Idk how long. But when I return... I'll be bringing back way more than just an update to our lovely guide.

    3. Sledge


      I for one will miss you and really look forward to your return!

      HOpe it's not tooo long.  I was wanting to tell you about the HD release in October, but I should have known you'd have been aware of that , probably long before I was.  It's great that it'll be free for PC users.  And I hear Skyrim 6 is also in the make, but may yet be  some time, due to some issues they're having.

      Hope everything pans out for you and don't be a stranger!



    4. Sledge


      PS: RL is for people who can't handle Skyrim...

  15. I hate to say, but I am retiring from doing pretty much anything related to modding. 

    It's taking up way too much of my time, and causing some issues. I may, or may not, be back in the future. 

    @RitualClarity: YOU have full permission to change anything needed to be changed. No one else. Only you.

    1. Sledge


      awwwww - I love your work! Gonna miss you, but I understand - RL has priority..

      I do hope you manage to get back some day.

      Stay in touch, and let us know how you're doing.


      Take care,

      or take aspirin....



  16. Right. I see the error. I'll get that fixed ASAP. Thank you. EDIT: Fixed
  17. 1) The latest supported version of MO FOR THIS GUIDE is 1.3.8. It clearly states that if you use any other version of MO that it can cause complications with this guide. Please read. 2) The ID picture at the top of MO, not in the workarounds tab. Again. Read. This is all coming down to things not being read that are clearly written. Things that I know I've cleared up because RitualClarity brought the same concerns to me. EDIT: Another potential problem could be that the introduction video to MO has not been watched. Watch it. If something isn't working for you, take a step back
  18. Not yet. I'll get there. I want to learn more of what I'm doing with CK first.
  19. No. A totally separate worldspace from the Commonwealth, with a new story, new NPCs, and everything included. Nothing huge to start. It would definitely have to start as a quest add in for existing FO4. Eventually, though... I want to do something along the lines of what was done with Nehrim and Oblivion. Same game engine. Different story. Different world, eventually. That's the goal, anyhow.
  20. So. I've been sitting around thinking, and I have a vision of a new world space for Fallout 4. However, I don't want to do it as a simple quest addon for existing content. (maybe that's how it should start, just to make sure quests and all of that are working properly, and the world space is as desired). The idea, is you create a new character and load into the new world space. This would be a new story line (maybe not with the stunning opening), and essentially a new game. I have an idea of what I'd like done. A very solid idea. I just want to make it a team effort. Anyone want
  21. These will not be included. I've tested them, and don't like the outcome with the other mods.
  22. some of the same problems I encountered, too I've settled with HGEC
  23. No. Realvision cannot be used with this setup. Purity takes care of everything that CoT does, PLUS Realistic Water Two. However, it handles lighting differently than CoT and that's what makes it not work. Now... there is PUREvision. Same author as Realvision, but it's based on Pure Weather and Pure Water: the predecessors to Purity. As far as managing presets, check out ENB Man. It's a handly tool, and I use it to handle ENB presets for ALL of my games that use ENB / Sweet FX / ReShade (Which are a lot of games that I play. I won't lie.)
  24. Already testing and checking it out. I downloaded it 10 minutes after it was posted on Nexus
  25. Try it with Seasons of Skyrim That's my favorite preset. I use it with a custom tweaked Brokeh DOF that I'll PM you, if you want.
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