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  1. Hi, I Imported some Object conversion from Daz to Blender and was wondering how to add the Textures to the Mesh?. Anyone know?.
  2. I'll just leave these links here if anyone wants too use Blender for Armour/Clothes for Skyrim. Yes guide is for Fallout4, but also applies too Skyrim. https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Fallout_4._Part_1 https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Fallout_4._Part_2 https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Fallout_4._Part_3 https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Fallout_4._Part_4
  3. I'm using Blender 2.78a. Within Blender, go to Preferences and Install it like a Mod basically. Blender/File/Preferences/Addons/Install from File. Once Installed check the Box to on=installed ready too use. Yes you install it as a Zip file, just like a Mod lol. https://github.com/niftools/blender_nif_plugin http://www.niftools.org/ Personally, i see Folks venting and fuming over SKSE64 for Skyrim64, but they don't hold a Candle to the painfully slow almost abandon-ware of Blender Nif plugin tools.
  4. ....Wait I Know you Hi RC although i don't have the Game myself I've read that it wasn't worth it and will cause stutters. Believe it's talked about on LL somewhere
  5. I use CCleaner after uninstalling Skyrim, then i re-install. Just another process in long chain to get Skyrim running again.
  6. One of the last things i do before launching a new game is too go to Steam and Verify Game Cache. Try that. More than likely that you have to clean those masters as well, run TesEdit and Loot afterwards, have re-launch Skyrim the old way to re-set your ini's and Options. I have my ini's on Read only.
  7. ...Wait I Know you ...your not as dumb as you look Wb Ana
  8. You don't really download mods form steam like Nexus or LL or here, you 'subscibe" them to your Skyrim playthrough. So you don't get the Mesh/Texture etc files. I think that's your question.
  9. Hi I'm new, well about a few months, just haven't posted here yet. So Hi I'm new
  10. Btw i don't know if any of you knew. TesAlliance has been down most of the month, will on;y be up for a short while until they find a new server. " We really apologize for this disruption, we've been at the mercy of multiple server hosts and have had no notice of changes, delays, or actions taken in this process. We will fight, I will fight, with everything I've got to keep TESA standing. It might get bumpy, so hang on. DarkRider and the TESA Team " http://tesalliance.org/forums/
  11. Oooooh i like. Trying too figure out how to fix a UV Map of late.
  12. I have a nagging suspicion that Wyrmstooth is somehow involved with this release.
  13. Ana was going to add an Optional section for Mods, i know she was going to include Unread books Glow- must have for the Legacy of the DragonBorn Mod. You seem confident in your Modding skills I'd suggest adding them to your game if you know what your doing.
  14. Over at Loverslab they found the cause for the save game corruption, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56588-corrupted-saves/
  15. No Mcm is a huge issue with Fallout4 as well, as for animations i don't think they have a way to add them to Fallout either, which implies Skyrim 64 as well. Guess we just have to wait for more facts and details to come forward. No word on the Skyrim save file over 64k limit but haven't heard similar issues with Fallout either-Btw i don't have the New Fallout is it any good lol.
  16. Skse team been confirmed to work on it, Skyui team are Not-no Mcm. Fore said-Maybe. Will have to wait and see
  17. I have a hunch that Wyrmstooth is going to be an exclusive mod for the new update.
  18. Facts are hard to come by but generally agreed to be based on the Fallout 4 Engine (Its was originally called Skyrim 64bit internally) so its just Skyrim 64. Other rumours is that its going to be DC 11 based and not DX 9. So basically Skyrim ported to Fallout 4.
  19. Must be the Radiation exposure in Skyrim.....Wait
  20. The Author of Wyrmstooth has simply vanished from the Internet-literally, with all his Mods. Yes just garb the Falskaar map, and yes appropriate adjust to the Mods since Wyrmstooth is gone. Imo the Legacy of the DragonBorn is simply a Huge Mod in of itself so your not going to be missing much in form of content- it's almost literally as big as the game itself, so many, many hours of added content.
  21. That will be an ongoing situation as Mods are always updating, sometimes it's incremental and not much difference, other times will cause more changes than expected. Just sit tight until Antriax takes a look at it.
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