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Need a creative writer/translator?

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Hey-lo everybody. It's that time I toss my hat into a name and offer my summer services of DAH DAH DAH... Creative Writing / Transliteration.

But Game Goblin, I speak English just fine / I can do my own stuffs just fine k thx. Groovy mate, then this post isn't really for you.

Lemme get down to brass tacks. Modding is a global affair, with many talented modders adding their own flavor to the mix. Woefully many do not speak English as their first language and it shows, what I do is help bring their works to a larger audience. Also some modders hit writers block when working on a mod... Behind the scenes there is just so much going on with assets, and scripting, and NPC building, and dungeon building, and story building... well it becomes a jumble.

My services in a nutshell.

Dialogue fixing and editing, including proper grammar and punctuation.

NPC personification. (Editing NPC dialogue to be more personality based by each scripted NPC.)

Transliteration - Translation to English: Lite. (Whether in your mods splash page describing your mod in your downloads folder or inside the mod itself.) (Note: I only speak English and Al Bhed - and nobody wants Al Bhed mods.)

Creative Consultation - Have a quest to write out but you have writers block? I'm full of ideas, a veritable cornucopia of ideas.

Past accreditations:

Ravenous by Delzaron, (Dialogue overhaul & numerous fixes): http://www.loverslab...ous-very-alpha/

Haunted Mansion by Delzaron, (Grammar & Dialogue fixes): http://www.loverslab...-haunted-house/

Slave Town Remixed (Originally by Iamtheonewhoknocks)(Massive dialogue fixing and loreification): http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2209-slave-town-remix-paused/

There are unaccredited works of course, such as the troll quest in Animal Mansion Redeux by MyBrainHurts, and others. However due to privacy of their workings I will not list whom or what I have worked on prior w/o permission from my previous collaborations.

One final note: My works are like a salad bar, metaphorically speaking, when/if you work with me, take the ideas you like, leave what you don't want. I'm pretty easy that way, after all it's your mod, not mine.

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