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Invasion of the Brain Aliens!

Kendo 2

Space stuff, and aliens babes.






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13 minutes ago, ritualclarity said:

Awesome idea.  Does the appendages wiggle or move?

Thanks. :) No, they don't move; they're statues/props.  This batch has nine tentacle options I can mix and match.  I do have one rigged for a human body but it looks like shit.  I might try rigging them to a Mr Handy skeleton and see how that works, but then they'll float and not slither and slop like they do in my head.

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Actually that is cool in itself. Looking forward to the possibility of seeing some of this in a future comic or even a single page of work  :D

Also, much better looking alien females from previous version you shown me. The face is weird but great at the same time. First is it like .. OK ,, nice looking woman then.. you look again and notice the strange things happening. :P The alien things.

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"and not slither and slop like they do in my head. "
You say that like it's the only thing that slithers and slops in your head...

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