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Another Naked Space Girl

Kendo 2

Spots...why not?

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Fallout 3: New Vegas

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Cheetara! LOL

She is an alien...

I am so wrong. When I was very young I thought she was so hot.. before I knew what Hot meant... lol

I'm so bad.. :(



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5 hours ago, bjornk said:

What's that suppose to mean? You don't think she's hot? Cheetara was one of the hottest female cartoon characters ever.

I wasn't saying that the wasn't hot. ;) I was stating how "wrong" it was to be attracted to her when I was very young.. Before I really started looking that way at women. That is all.

In any case, Kendo's work reminded me of her even though I doubt it was intentional. 


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16 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

Cheetara works, not what I intended but yeah I see it now.

To be clear.. your work doesn't look like Cheetara. It is unique and good.
Just the large spots makes me remember her. That or Daz from Deep Space Nine however those were down the center of the back and along the forehead.

In any case Cheetara was more sexy.. probably why your work reminded me of her. ;)

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