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Captain Cosmos WIP

Kendo 2

This still needs a lot of work but it's getting there..  Based on the posters from FO3 and NV, NOT the re-imagining from FO4.  It SUPPOSED to look like a crappy 1950's TV costume or something from a Flash Gordon serial.


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Well, like about 70% of the shit I make...I HATE THIS OUTFIT.  No matter what NPC I put this on they look like a fucking fruit.  I can use it as a background outfit for something else but my 'big plans' for a Captain Cosmos comic just shit the bed.


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You can always make a play on the Captan Cosmos idea. Instead of being a hero he coudl be a zero. Then there shouldn't be much of an issue with the outfits having issues of looking bad. Something to think of.

A Hero turned zero...


It SUPPOSED to look like a crappy 1950's TV costume or something from a Flash Gordon serial.

Well, after all it is SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE A CRAPPY 50s TV SHOW.. lol ;) So in this case by your own admission you succeeded greatly! You can't fail even if you wanted to. :P



Personally I think it would look terrific on the CHIMP... :P


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34 minutes ago, vancleef said:

On the Chimp! On the Chimp! On the Chimp!


We're going to drive Kendo to drink. If he drinks already, he will likely start to drink more with the antics we are doing... lol.

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