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I just realized there have never been any high poly eyes. That I know of at least. It also bugs me that the eye lashes are attached to the eyes. It really bugs me having to align the eyelashes to the edge of the eyes without screwing up the actual eye. I have to do this because for some apparent reason selecting certain eyes are more than likely made for humans and not orc/elf. High poly eyes would be nice for better alignment.

Anyways, I'm attempting at making another orc. I'm gonna go a bit more extreme on this one. I'm not very good when it comes to Orcs, but at the same time, I also feel like they look good as is. I guess maybe that's why I always had trouble trying to make my own unique looking orc.


I'll give Beth credit on orcs in Skyrim. They certainly look far better than the Shrek-look-alike in Oblivion.


4rddO7tI_o.jpg moSutrix_o.jpg

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:beaten:Never have liked the Bethesda take on orcs BUT what you're working on is nice.  I don't get the impression of the Nexus-waifu-cookie-cutter 'pretty orc'; more like 'she's the hottest broad in the strong hold' sort of thing.  Then again I'm looking at the face from a human standard and not an Orc one.  Bethesda Skyrim Orcs are one dimensional (fight/breed/Malacath/rinse-and-repeat).  It is what it is.

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