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Team Futa - The Lesson


My first try, to make a simple NSFW Comic. Okay the idea is stolen from Kendo 2, but  I just felt like it to make one.

Starring list:

Adagiona - Leader and Former of this Team. She is a friendly Succubus and Futa. 42 Years old, looks younger.

Jessie - Left Hand of the Team, a Mistress on her Blade - She is a Futa, too. 29 years old.

Elise - the Brain of this Team, she is a good fighter, but she uses tactics - the only real Female in this team, maybe she becomes one, one day. 26 Years old

Lydia - The youngest Teammate. Everybody's darling and the Soul of this team. Adagiona makes her to a Futa., a birthday present. She is 19.


TEAM FUTA - The Lesson

Lessson1 a.jpg


Lessson1 b.jpg

Lessson1 c.jpg

Lessson1 c.jpg

Lessson1 d.jpg

Lessson1 e.jpg

Lessson1 f.jpg

Lessson1 g.jpg

Lessson1 h.jpg

Lessson1 i.jpg

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Have at it. :D Practice makes perfect.

Not sure how @Kendo 2 will feel about you "stealing" his idea... lol.



The text on the first panel is hard to read with the background. It is good to be aware of your backgrounds and color to make sure it is easily readable.


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Thank you, Alien :)

I think he will like it, but with rolling eyes  (so a stupid B*tch, This was my Idea) :angry02:

And yes, i saw the different look. The first Panel was only a Try. I will do this in the Future with the white Background. An i hope it was with a touch good taste, dirty Talk is not my favorite kind to talk. 

BTW, Jessie look reminds me a bit to Danni Daniels

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I thought the first panel was your first one.

Perhaps try to soften the dialogue bubbles.

As for taste, I don't do much with this type of content. I do see it and read it but can't really judge if it is in good taste or good talk.

I am pretty sure @Kendo 2won't be offended with you starting your own comic, in fact I think he will like it. Also might have some ideas for you with dirty talk etc that might inspire your future works.

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I've tried making comics with Skyrim.  It's too much work for me to enjoy it.  *shrugs*

And anyone can make comics.  It's not my exclusive 'thing'.  I like looking at what other people make anyway. :D

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