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  1. instrumental: Vocal:
  2. it is open but someone has to integrate it first and atm everything is geared towards vanilla character meshes and their possibilities so it would need quiet alot of changes to the existing and working engine. i'm sure at one point in it's future they'll integrate mechanics that allow the use of more complex character meshes but for now it's focused on getting the vanilla game to work in the way it is in the vanilla game and extending general graphics (LoD, HL-SL, PPL a.s.o.). Even the multiplayer part is more of a fun project atm than anything else and will very likely be finished before th
  3. i don't because character models, skeleton and animations are still the vanilla MW ones and so far there are no plans to use more modern meshes and skeletons or even morphs. This would look terrible even if LoD generation was finally integrated.
  4. Old song whichs lyrics are still true today ... if not even more so today.
  5. Maybe this very stupid 90's song can cheer you up?: Yes, this song is a thing. Value your sanity and don't question it or its existence. ^^
  6. it's an exclusive remix of the song you already found. Until they release the Score we won't be able to lay hands on it. Sorry for being the bringer of bad news.
  7. Your first few videos instantly reminded me of this: Yes, i'm weird.
  8. Ya. Welcome to the next day with a new number for the year, everyone. Sounds depressive? You're welcome.
  9. 2017 is almost gone...
  10. F "i'm blue". i liked this one more.
  11. Man, haven't listened to anything from them for years. Time to correct that and i'll start with this song (their first song i heard): F'ing ear worm.
  12. Reminded me almost instatly of this one and i don't know why:
  13. Not to forget that the Schneider CPC64 was only a rebranded Armstrad CPC64. Having a tape drive my days went like this: Switch on PC, load game, goto school, come back from school and hope the game loaded correctly. if not it failed loading: Load the game again and hope it's done before bed time. But i actually learned basic on it. Going synth now? Wolfsheim was and is one of my fav Synth bands, together with this one:
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