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  1. I ...I have to install Morrowind again! Curious, I will have to read about their work. Need to know if other Morrowind mods will be workable with this.
  2. Now we just need those for actual animated transportation. No more fast traveling to a settlement to defend it, roll up on my bike with a Fat Man launching mini nukes in raider's faces!
  3. With the issues with F4 and mods, and now SSE and mods. Seems like Bethesda isn't " even trying to hide " that they no longer care about making immersive enjoyable games, but more about pure profit.
  4. Seasons of Skyrim ENB was the preset chosen in the Tutorial on LL. Seeing as how there is no actual preset mentioned in this one ( as far as I can tell) Soul ENB , Is compatible for all weathers. It mentions ELELITE as a requirement but I have been using Relighting Skyrim and it works just fine. Don't use Realistic Lighting Overhaul so can't check that one.
  5. So far I have a UNP texture mod and UNP Jiggle working fine in my SSE. Need to rerun a lot of the textures through GIMP and update the dds and replace old for the new. Base CBBE and UNP can work in SSE but its best if you update the textures at least. I don't know much about Nifskope to check the body meshes but UNP Jiggle isn't having any issues in mine right now.
  6. It takes every tree, tree stump and more and makes them into a living very vibrant version. There are a few times where the mod maker has changed a few tree stumps that were under a building or very close to one that is now a fully living tree that sticks through a building at some settlements. I would highly suggest Scrap Everything mod to be used along with this one for settlements. I like playing a ranged sniper type of character in Fallout. Regrowth adds in a ton of more trees and ways to block line of sight for your PC and npc's your fighting. To me it adds in more of a challenge needing to find a spot with elevation that I can snipe people without anything blocking my sight. If your a fan of a pure devastated wasteland than you don't want to try Regrowth. The mod A little touch of Green does a good job of changing some flora and a few trees to have a more living look, but it does so without drastically changing the wasteland to seem as if its over done.
  7. Put up 3 I have taken from Dragon Age Inquisition. Found out I was missing 1 dlc for Origins, and Assassins dlc for DA2 so reinstalling those then plan on doing a complete play through of all 3 in a row. I usually play as a ranged class in games, as I like to be able to see the whole battlefield/fight. So I don't usually play as a warrior type or rogue unless I make the rogue an archer. So Ritual what should I choose for this playthrough? Warrior. Sword and shield, dual wield, or 2hand? Rogue. Dual wield or bow? Mage. Control, Damage, or healing? Originss races are Human, Elf, Dwarf. Humans can be any class. Elves can be any class. Dwarves are limited to Warrior and Rogue. Inquisition races are Human, Elf, Dwarf, Qunari. What race and class should I go with?
  8. Adamant keep battle 2

  9. Adamant Keep battle

  10. Installing all 3 games now that I am finally off work. And yes Dragon Age does saves like Mass Effect, Wither does. Will make sure and take screenshots as I play through them.
  11. So for a good while now I have had Dragon Age: Inquisition in my EA profile to be playable but never have installed nor played it. I have played and own Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age 2 and all dlc for them. I guess my question would be. Would it possibly be more fun to replay the first two then go into Inquisition, or just jump right into Inquisition? Also, if anyone has modded these games and have any suggestions I would like to hear them.
  12. Hair

    Some of FoVet20's mods from gunetwork. Also personal retextures of other armors. Trying to do multi colored hairs, working somewhat.