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Do It Dirty: Face Swapping Between ESPs/ESMs

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Do It Dirty: Face Swapping Between ESPs/ESMs

Have you ever seen a modded face and wanted it for a follower or as a playable preset?  Well, I'm going to teach you how I do it.  This short tutorial will work for either Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas.  Note; you cannot swap between FO3 esps and NV esps using this method unless you have TTW installed.

A few things you should understand: This is not a magic wand method.  Swapping faces from one race to another or sexes will give you dubious results.  It is best to copy faces from the same race and sex; Hispanic to Hispanic, female to female, Raider to Raider, etc.  Also, this will not transfer custom race textures, eyes, hair, etc.  This method simply duplicates the vanilla game texture tints and face morphs from one NPC to another.

Tools Required: The GECK or New Vegas Power Up

Modding Skills Needed: Low

Tutorial Download Version: Do It Dirty Face Swapping Between ESPsESMs.rar

NPC Tutorial 01.jpg

NPC Tutorial 02.jpg

NPC Tutorial 03.jpg

NPC Tutorial 04.jpg

NPC Tutorial 05.jpg

NPC Tutorial 06.jpg

NPC Tutorial 07.jpg

NPC Tutorial 08.jpg

NPC Tutorial 09.jpg

NPC Tutorial 10.jpg

NPC Tutorial 11.jpg

NPC Tutorial 12.jpg

NPC Tutorial 13.jpg

NPC Tutorial 14.jpg

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