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Porting From FNV to FO3 (or FO3 to FNV) using FOMM + TESsnip

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I was going to write up a quick guide on how to port a mod from FO3 to FNV and vice versa with FOMM and TESsnip once I remembered how to do it, but I found this video and figured it's quick and easy. Just note as the author of this video tutorial mentions, there are some things that porting over will cause complications like FOSE and NVSE scripts, worldspace, etc. From personal experience, I've ported over weapons, armor and even my old race mods from one to the other with no issue in the past. Just note that you don't exactly need the other installed to do this, whether that is FO3 or FNV. You only need which ever game you play installed. I only have FO3 installed and ported a FNV mod over to FO3. So the same can be done if you only have FNV installed and want to port a FO3 mod over to FNV. However, for personal use only, if you want to use original assets from one game to the other, it will require you to have the other game installed in order to copy over the assets in TESsnip. Just remember that original assets from one game cannot be shared directly with a mod that is for the other due to copyright infringement. It will get you banned from if you upload it in most mod sites. I also want to point out that I use MO for my official mod manager. I use FOMM just for porting and extracting BSAs, so just because it's installed it doesn't need to be used as a mod manager. If you do use FOMM as your official mod manager, then this is all you need.


Creating a blank plugin (.esp)

FO3 Tutorial

  1. Open FO3 GECK.
  2. Enable Fallout3.esm, click OK and let GECK load all the assets.
  3. Save the plugin by giving it a name and clicking OK.
  4. Close GECK.

FNV Tutorial

  1. Open FNV GECK.
  2. Enable FalloutNV.esm, click OK and let GECK load all the assets.
  3. Save the plugin by giving it a name and clicking OK.
  4. Close GECK.

This will create a plugin that hasn't been edited aka blank plugin.


Note: Mod Organizer users will have to go to their overwrite folder to find the new plugin if you've opened GECK in MO to create a blank plugin. Everyone else, you're plugin should be in your data folder where the game is installed. If you are using Vortex, I don't know if it functions similar to MO or traditional mod managers, but just locate where the plugin gets saved if it saves it somewhere else other than the same folder where Fallout3.esm or FalloutNV.esm is and paste it in that same folder.


Modding Experience: Intermediate. Because you do have to know what can and cannot be ported over from one to the other.


All credit goes to the youtuber ThePizzaByte for making this video tutorial.



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