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FOSE Mod Refueses To Work

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I have a fose only mod that refuses to work. The mod in question is Fallout 76 Encumberance. The last few installments it worked fine, but for some reason this new installment, this is the only FOSE mod that will not work. The ideal of this mod is that even if you are encumbered you can still run and jump, but it will drain your AP. Once your AP is zero, you are forced to walk until your AP is recovered around 25%. To fully recover AP, you have to press the CAPs key to put yourself in walk mode and walk or stand still. However, upon being encumbered, I'm stuck with the vanilla encumbered where I'm forced to walk. This is the first time I've ever had a FOSE mod never work when installed properly. Again, my other FOSE mods work fine, Maybe I'm missing something here? I have both the retail copy and GOG version of FO3. Both yield same results. I even manually installed the FOSE mod into my data folder of the game directory sine I use MO and launching the game there still results the mod not working. It's like FOSE isn't recognizing the script...


Oh, I left this mod enabled while disabling all my other mods in MO and nada. So this isn't any script conflict of any sort. The page itself says it only needs FOSE so I don't understand why FOSE isn't recognizing the .dll file.

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