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Freemods.net has become NSFWmods.com.


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Freemods.net has become NSFWmods.com. Why the change? Lets just say I was having a few issues with the Freemods.net domain.

  1. My ISP was blocking the domain randomly for long periods of a time. It was like this from the start too. I probably could've contacted my ISP about the issue but what if others were doing the same? At some point keeping the domain is more trouble than it's worth.
  2. The domain hardly ranked on Google. Search for "Free Mods" in Google and you will find everything but Freemods.net. My old domain was on page 4/5 for "Skyrim Mods" and probably would have gone higher if I stuck with it, but noooo I bought Freemods.net.
  3. The domain had previous owners. It has a Facebook page that's not mine and there are tons of broken back links that appear in Google webmaster tools. I don't know what the website was about previously but I know it was powered by Wordpress.

Dropping Freemods.net was probably for the best anyway. Originally, I wanted it to be like Nexus Mods but in the end I decided that I didn't want to restrict users to the extent Nexus Mods does. I opted to allow nearly all type content to be uploaded and that meant allowing sex mods as well. So switching the domain to something that would let users know that they're about to see adult content was a good idea.

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