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Jagged Alliance 2 for PC (1999)


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Got bored of FNV (again) and went back to my all time favorite game, might as well create a thread for it. Jagged Alliance 2 is a tactical turn-based RPG, and is quite possibly the best game ever made in terms of overall depth and attention to detail and I've never said this for any other game, ever. In the past two decades there's been many sequels and spinoffs made for it, none of them was as good as JA2. From what I've heard Jagged Alliance 3 is currently being made but aside from contemporary 3D graphics, it doesn't seem to be anything special, most likely gonna be another inferior copy with many missing features. If you've never heard of JA2 or have never played it, I highly recommend it.

Jagged Alliance 2 is on GOG and Steam has the Gold Edition with "Unfinished Business" (which is sold separately on GOG), but I don't recommend using Steam. Pirate it if you want, it's almost a 25 year old game anyway. To run it on modern systems (i.e. in higher resolutions) you'll either need Stracciatella or the 1.13 mod, the former for the vanilla experience. Worth noting that the complexity of 1.13 might overwhelm you if you've never played the vanilla game before.

JA2 Reviews:



1.13 Reviews:






History of JA Games:



Misc. JA/JA2 Videos :





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