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[Skyrim] BHUNP 3BBB Spriggan Armor


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[Skyrim] BHUNP 3BBB Spriggan Armor

This mod is for Skyrim Legacy Edition, a Special Edition version can be downloaded here.

This armor is loosely based on the Spriggan Wood Armor created by Nalim for the original Skyrim. All pieces of the armor glow like the spriggans in the game, and the spriggan magic effects are only added to the enchanted helmet.


  • Extract the contents of the compressed file into your Skyrim Special Edition folder and use BodySlide to generate the armor for your chosen body type.

How to obtain:

  • Type help 'Spriggan Matron',  help 'Spriggan' help 'Spriggan Earth Mother', and  in the command console to find the item codes.
  • Craft the armor at a blacksmith's forge with taproots and spriggan sap.



  • factoryclosed for BUNP 3BBB body
  • BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Ousnius and Caliente
  • The developers at Bethesda Game Studios

You're free to use this mod your own project.


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