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Clockwork armors


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So I decided to install Elder Scrolls Online while I was at work in order to check out the Clockwork City they put out.   And I came across some very cool looking stuff. 

So starting out I found myself playing my Nightblade and traveling with Divayth Fyr, which was very cool.  Then as we get to the " town " I was greeted by a woman in kick ass looking Clockwork/Dwemer armor.   Check that armor out!  Even has mechanical limbs!  And then there is Fyr's daedric armor, that almost had my crying it was such a nice call back of Morrowinds Daedric armor. Then later I came across the guards of city, very cool looking robes with armor and they all have at least 2 limbs replaced with mechanical ones!   And then there was this Dunmer lady that to be honest, was very good looking for a dunmer.  And then!  To my surprise  Sotha Sil! 

But man what I would give to have those armors for Skyrim.  Fyr's Daedric armor alone is very cool looking.








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So found a nice mention of Nerevar during the Clockwork City dlc in ESO.  If you ever played through ES3 and all the dlc you already know what happens with the Tribunal, but at least here during ESO, 2nd era, Sotha Sil shows respect and remorse.  

Other shots are from the Clockwork City house you can get and furnish, very cool looking.  And the Clockwork bed from the last shot is very interesting.  Everything is very Dwemerish, but just slightly not, I like it.






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