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Links for FO4 Licensing and Bethesda.net Terms of Service

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If you intend to mod Fallout 4, participate at Bethesda.net or one of their third party designee websites you should be aware of the End User License Agreements, Terms of Service and other considerations before you proceed.  'The Rules' for Bethesda modding have changed.  This topic is for information purposes only.  I will not be providing insight, interpretations or advice.  This is not a discussion topic.


Fallout 4 End User License Agreement (Steam Version)

Zenimax Media Terms of Service (for Bethesda.net)

Zenimax Media Terms of Service (Legal Definitions)

NOTE: The licenses and terms in these links will most definitely be changed by the entities and Licencors.  I will provide more links as they become available.

If you are interested in protecting your original game content, check out NSFWmod's exclusive Modder's Open Source Licence.


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