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Vault 21 Cigar Lounge WIP: It's martini time!...well, sorta

Kendo 2

Yep, still working on this. :|

'Lance' sporting the 'Fear and Loathing' Acapulco shirts from his leveled outfit list while tending bar.  Note the clean bar rag he's wiping down with and the mixing glass in his hand.  Those are both new and he uses them just like vanilla NPCs use that filthy dish rag and crappy nuka cola glass you always see vanilla bartenders with.

Other stuff is happening too.  I have all of the voiced dialogue, scripting and AI packages done for two of the stage dancers; Trisha and Honiko.  They walk, talk, strip and dance without issue.  Not only that, but they also talk to one another like NPCs do in other games.  I don't know why New Vegas didn't include that but I missed it.  Plus it gives the cigar lounge NPCs more life.  Anyway, here they are using new sit on the floor furniture I made.  I did that so I can control what animations are played and for NPCs to use the new cocktail animated objects I added.


This is how they look.  I won't be changing anything on them.



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Can't help but think that I want to include in some of the Sexout Animations for this.  Perhaps once you have this released I can take a look at the animations triggers you have set up for say the stripping and see if I can input a SO animation scene.  I came up with a whole page worth of Sexout Encounters type of quest and interactions for these npc's in the lounge but I need to learn a bit more of the Geck to do it.

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Nope, but Dman gave me links and a tutorial for creating animations.  Perhaps when I get some extra time, when not staring at the cute nurses, I will actually try my hand at it.

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I was joking... :P

However SO could always use some lap dance animations regardless of why they were created. :)

Not sure if Kendo wants his classy establishment turned into a brothel.. :P

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I'm not taking into consideration any frameworks or other mods.  Everything I'm making is self-contained; furniture, animations, dialogue, meshes, textures, etc.  I am making the mod this way for two reasons; and they are both very popular and very game-breaking mods.

For how I am triggering the animations;  I am using the same scheme I did when I made the FO3 Chryslus Bar and Grill mod.  The player enters a trigger zone and if the question conditions are met then the animations run at a specific marker.  This save the hassle of dealing with script variable and the broken NV GECK not liking them.  FNVSE addresses a lot of that but nothing in te mod calls for extended scripts.  IF you want an idea of how it works go pat Joana at Gomorrah a visit or Red Lucy.  That dev A-hole 'Jorge' over at Obsidian/Bethesda took my scheme and used it for those triggered fade to black scenes.

For right now RL calls.  All of the flooding in Texas has chopped a 5 month drilling season in half.  In other words, I'm too busy and too tired to do anything but work.  I'll come back to this for sure because I have too much time invested in what I've done AND everything works without a hitch.

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