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  1. Bintanath


    actually the Preset i used as a base was a Nord...  but i wanted a Breton for her racial powers, so i darkened her skin tone and changed her face to make her look like an ancient egyptian :)

  2. Bintanath


    glad you like her... :)  i claim no merit for the outfit, just downloaded it from Nexus...  but i spent almost an hour to create her the way i wanted her to be... lore friendly for Skyrim (she's actually a Breton) and for the ancient Egypt where she is supposed to come from :D

  3. The Sims 3


    42 minutes ago, ritualclarity said:

    I found some decent feet for TS4. Now having some issue getting the bodies tolook right. Found one texture that is pretty close now for the nipple textures and I should be set. 

    good !!  keep me posted, so should i ever decide to play TS4 i won't need to get crazy looking for all that nice stuff ! ;)  :P

  4. The Sims 3


    15 hours ago, ritualclarity said:

    I like the body mesh/textures. They have nice defined toes and feet. I can't find any in Sims 4 that has such detail :( 

    Feet seem to be something that always create problem to EA / Maxis...  They never did anything even just acceptable ! :P  LOL !

    those you can see in my screenshots are from a modder called BLOOM that made them both for TS2 and TS3, i don't know if he did something for TS4 too...  In both the older games the mod was called "Bloom's Sexy Feet"...

  5. Oooh, really ??  Now i understand why my boss is always asking for foot notes !! :o

    he probably is quite disappointed then...  none of us girls ever did it that way !! o.O

    now that i know how to do it appropriately, i think i'll make him happy next time !! ;)

  6. 4 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

    Because I've been making FO3/NV faces for a long time.  There are 'tricks' to working the sliders in the GECK.  It just takes practice.  What I do is I make faces in the GECK and then apply them to NPCs so I can see what they look like in the game.  The  I fix things and try again.  Once I get a face I like I use it for a follower (I don't play female characters), but they can be used as racial presets too.

    Wow ! sounds like a lot of work ! that's why i can't get them :P not enough skill and patience ;)

    maybe when i have more time (such as during holidays) i can have a lock at it :)

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