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  1. If you didn't bother trying the demo, this guy did a video of the demo.
  2. My CPU is crap for recording in 1080p though. But for the GPU 1080p is great.
  3. @ritualclarity Intel Core I5 750 GTX 970 (not overclocked) 8GB Ram Been running the same PC for over 10 years now. Only upgrade is GPU I've lost interest in testing the demo. I'll wait much later to see how it turns out. But so far I'm not impressed.
  4. The faces for the females are terrible. It's just as bad as potato faces. Them men aren't as bad but not that good either. You can't lock on target as far as I know. Each attack is based off your stamina bar. The voice acting is meh... The graphics are okayish. Maybe it's my potato PC but it's up there with Oblivion/FO3. I ran it on low settings and then ultra. Though, I don't remember noticing a difference. The character creation is very basic. Not a lot of options. It's all preselecting like you see in the clip above. The attributes is a cool feature. It has an impact on your dialogue like the speech skill and SPECIAL would for Fallout 3/NV. I'm not sure how it runs on a better PC but when you log out, it slow the crap of my PC down and I have to wait a bit for my PC to speed back up. Combat is pretty fun, though I haven't used a bow and arrow yet. I just got it and saved my game shortly after but upon launching the demo there is no loading your save so I have to start over... This was a few days ago so I'm about to get back on and start over. The lock pick is meh... It's more annoying than challenging. You can choose to play in windowed mode or full screen. Going to try this in windowed mode this time. But multi tasking makes my PC lag. my CPU isn't that great though. Once installed you can choose between 8Ram or 16Ram depending how much you have.
  5. They'll give up when you continue to return like I did. I'm the cancer they can't get rid of. Ever.
  6. I just did some reading on and they put up their demo to download. Gonna give it a try.
  7. Sounds like these guys are heavily into mod support and I'm fine with that. If we get the very same tool they use to develop, there will be great potential.
  8. MOD SUPPORT Our vision is for Isles of Adalar to become known over time as a nearly endless RPG experience rich with narrative driven content. With this in mind we've designed our game to support mods and user generated content from the very beginning. Everything that exists in game is created using the same level editor that ships inside the game, so the modders have access to all the tools we use ourselves to create campaigns. Just shipping tools for modding is not enough to realize our vision. We are going to be actively working to build up a creative community around our game. This starts with making tools as user friendly and efficient to use as possible so that small teams of only a handful of people can make large scale campaigns. But in addition to the tools we will also be giving players extra content that is not used in the base game so that their campaigns can feel unique. This will range from environmental biomes, to different styles of architecture and even new enemies. ROLE PLAYING AND REPLAYABILITY Choice and consequence is at the core of our dialogue system. We use a hybrid (mostly) text based system that features non specific voice lines for NPCs. This allows us to have in depth dialogue with the characters in the world but also gives the player necessary feedback to reflect the NPC's general attitude and response to the player. For example, you may try to intimidate a bandit and if you fail the speech check you may get a voiced response saying something like "I won't stand for this!" but the text can be more in depth and context specific. Instead of using a speech skill to determine dialogue choices and persuasion success, the player can assign multiple personality traits to their character and these traits will give unique responses. The success or failure of a persuasion attempt is determined by both the player character's level and if a specific type of persuasion logically makes sense in the context of the situation. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1112620/Isles_of_Adalar/
  9. Fallout 1st Members: Fallout 76 Fanboi:
  10. Looks pretty cool. Mod support? Oh, my! But we'll see in time. I hope so. Would be a nice kick to the nuts to Bethesda.
  11. It's very rare to find a leftist who is actually intellectual and worthy of respecting. The far/extreme left is to blame for infecting leftists as a whole into what it has become now. This guy, shows that there are some out there on the left that are actually sane and tolerant.
  12. As I said before, there won't be mod support for FO76. Unless they find a way to charge you monthly to use the Creation Kit.
  13. Bet the fanbois weren't expecting that one.
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