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  1. https://www.daftporn.com/extreme-videos/Unexpected.php These reactions are so priceless. lol
  2. I am excited for this even though it's still a long ways. These guys are truly passionate and driven way more than the folks at Bethesda.
  3. He's referring to K2 but just doesn't want to say it.
  4. I did a search but nothing came up other than someone asking for the same thing on Nexus back in 2012... The problem is I use duckduckgo and their search results aren't as accurate. Thanks for the links. Now I'm off to become a criminal. yay! That is cool . I'll probably never use it. lol
  5. Anyone know of a mod that lets you pay off your bounty with sex as an alternative? I have the impression one exists but I wouldn't know what it's called.
  6. Okay, here's another one...
  7. The only way I can see Bethesda making a recovery is going back to their roots with Skyrim. It's a mediocre game at best, but a huge seller it was. Bethesda aren't known to take risks. Especially now more than ever with their reputation tarnished as it is right now. So playing it more safe than ever will be their only option. But seeing as how they have adapted and embraced the Creation Club, they are destroying their single player experience. If they manage to fuck TES6 up then I don't know if them as a company will continue to exist. If it was up to me I would scrap the whole idea of Creation Club from FO4 and SSE and toss it in the trash bin. I would return to the state of modding from Skyrim and earlier. Rebuild my reputation. Their core fans don't care if the game is consistent with bugs as their previous iterations. As long as it can be modded, they'll settle with it.
  8. I'd say Todd lies more than Pete.
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