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  1. Check your privilege bernie bruh.
  2. She should be grateful she wasn't talking to a bunch of empty chairs...
  3. I nearly pissed my pants from that ending.
  4. @ritualclarity Both the nude and censored version were demos. And the demo, I tried it a month or two ago.
  5. Just install FOMM. Once installed, right click on the BSA and set the program (FOMM) to always open BSAs. So every BSA will have the FOMM icon and all you have to do is double click the BSA. Not sure why Nightasy does those unnecessary steps to open a BSA for Skyrim.
  6. Not that great... You talk to some cat people and begin a quest with the boss of the tribe and he sends you to kill some, which is invisible and cannot be targeted. So I gave up and deleted the demo. Plus, non patreons can only play the non nude demo. if you are a patreon member you have access to the nude version of the demo. The HUD is crap as well.
  7. To these former democrats. Be prepared to be called a fascist, racist, Nazi sympathizer, xenophobic and all those buzzwords that the radical left love to label us as.
  8. Never got the game. I only tried the demo.
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