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  1. Would be really cool to see a youtube video of your workflow from concept to finished item. If you ever get the inclination I would be really interested in that.
  2. It would have been nice to have gotten the skeletal/dismemberment and combat functionality of f04. Real missed opportunity there. Also the building and weapon upgrade system would have been amazing. Imagine upgrading each sword piece by piece, watching the soulgem actually drain of energy as its brightness dims. I hope the client is at least more stable as there is no justifiable reason to release a yellow filter version of an upscaled 1k pack. I would love it if the blacksmith were replaced by a make your own sword/shield/armor system. Interchangeable parts held together by dewmer screws. would make sense because people basically live in the ruins aka markarth and others. Could move the set pieces to the smelter and combine old blacksmith/smelter/anvil. The point being you are casting each part in a smelter and cast then fitting them together in a workbench that could be used to create,customize and upgrade.
  3. Album(XXX): Boar Fun / Eerika and Barbie Barbie wants your cum/nectar Green outfit was a custom bodyslide attempt #12. So far so good I think. Skills are progressing steadily. Thank you mfeile1974 for the follower as always.
  4. Album(XXX): Daenerys Targaryen gets raped (Makes one friend, kills the other / Rough sex / Cumshot / Implied rape (Skeever[virginity loss no blood],Orc,DarkElf) / No vore) Please enjoy / cum . If there are any requests let me know. It takes a lot of patience for me to work with bodyslide so please be patient on custom content.
  5. Album(XXX) : Barbie as Daenerys Targaryen in Barbie's special friendships Misc. As always hope you enjoy/cum. I've learned to use bodyslide so when I have the time ill post some custom fitted outfits.
  6. Thanks Good to meet you and be apart of the forum community! I am happy to contribute and am currently learning to convert armors in bodyslide so they are properly adjusted and fitted with HDT physics. If you have any questions let me know. Here is a new forum thread and a complete album set now available for your and everyone's enjoyment! I always enjoy hearing that they make people cum CUM HERE
  7. Album(XXX): Tulay gets fucked by Modern Barbie Let me know if you enjoyed this or if it made you cum
  8. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  9. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  10. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  11. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  12. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  13. Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make you cum :)
  14. Album(XXX): Modern Barbie Loli + Woman = Perfection
  15. I am not sure how to go about using this configuration. Never used bodyslide or anything. If this a base armorset that you use bodyslide to batch and adjust manually?