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  1. sims 4

    if you ask me, the profit from games such as Fall Out, Skyrim and The Sim X (put any number you want) should be divided among the creators of the several mods that make those games really fun and worth playing !!!
  2. good !! keep me posted, so should i ever decide to play TS4 i won't need to get crazy looking for all that nice stuff !
  3. Feet seem to be something that always create problem to EA / Maxis... They never did anything even just acceptable ! LOL ! those you can see in my screenshots are from a modder called BLOOM that made them both for TS2 and TS3, i don't know if he did something for TS4 too... In both the older games the mod was called "Bloom's Sexy Feet"...
  4. The Sims 3

    Keeping it clean...
  5. The Sims 3

  6. The Sims 3

    Study group...
  7. The Sims 3

    Homework with a classmate...
  8. eheheh !! my boss too, always asks me to lend a hand with his job !
  9. Oooh, really ?? Now i understand why my boss is always asking for foot notes !! he probably is quite disappointed then... none of us girls ever did it that way !! now that i know how to do it appropriately, i think i'll make him happy next time !!
  10. eheheh... yes, i suppose i should have ancient Romans said "carpe diem" (literally "take the day") that means, if you have an opportunity you should catch it now because tomorrow might be too late anyway, no problem... i'm sure you'll come out with something else first or later !
  11. you're always the same alien pervert RC... well, in the meanwhile you can have these
  12. the same thing i was thinking too !! if at least 1 every 50 would, we'd have same 300 people talking instead of the usual dozen (being optimistic)
  13. that was yesterday now there are 50 more
  14. so it seems that EA finally learned something
  15. Question : do high heels in TS4 work like in TS3 and TS2 ?? That is, they don't actually make you taller since the game shortens your legs when you wear them ??