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  1. sims 4

    oh, that's why you asked for TS2 when was already coming out TS3 and you started playing TS3 when there where already 5 EP !! LOL !! you're not interested in the game but in its mods !
  2. no need to mention it
  3. mmm... i'm kind of late for Christmas... so, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody !!!
  4. you got it so are you happy now ?
  5. they look great !! They are certainly going in my next game !
  6. always told you that you should at least try playing as a male, sometimes
  7. talked to Santa... he said that if you keep being naughty enough you might even get it !
  8. and that's a pity because behind that pretty face of yours you have a nice (and naughty) brain !
  9. they are nice, but i prefer lore-friendly stuff great job anyway
  10. you're the kind of guy always seek the glass half empty, right ? i prefer being positive and think that everything will go the way i dream it
  11. i wish i was the guy in the middle... that would really be something worth celebrating !! LOL !
  12. neither did i so, don't worry
  13. hi everybody... yesterday was quite in a hurry and forgot to introduce myself... so here i am i'm a friend of Karma, she told me of the site and convinced me to have a look at it... so if you don't like me, blame her ! anyway, i'm actually no longer a Skyrim player, i've been until a couple of years ago when i "surrendered" my copy to Karma... normally i play completely different kind of games, such as the Total War and Civilization series... but i still like reading about game i played even if i'm no longer playing them, you never know
  14. still looking for someone answering you on this, aren't you ? as you know i kind of agree with the matter, but probably not many people are interested in that and modders might consider such a complex work a waste of time since it should mod almost any aspect of the game
  15. i remember CHIPS quite well, but she's too young for that