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  1. The 20000 member celebration thread

    we'll see... e still need almost 2.000 members for that... who knows what will happen till then
  2. Happy Easter

    thank you
  3. Games that you played

    i play completely different games such as : Civilization (from I to V) Europa Universalis (fron I to IV) the Total War series... and several other strategy games (e.g. Victoria, Hearts of Iron I to III, Atlantic Fleet, etc.) probably that's why when i tried Tomb Raider and Skyrim didn't actually loved them and ended up giving them to a certain cute and nice girl i know
  4. Site Status Thread

    i had that same problem too, sometime in the past months... but since as you too found out, log out/log in solved the problem, never reported it... maybe i should have...
  5. Happy Easter

    too late for easter, so i'll wish you a nice 25th of april
  6. NSFWmods is moving to a new server.

    when i was (a lot) younger, a friend of mine had a Commodore... i had an Apple II Plus at the time and then an Amiga... when i started working on PC i bought one for home too, but don't remember its technical specifics... anyway i remember the first modem i had was a 14K.... soooo slow !!
  7. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    if you like those pics... why never let me take pics of you like that ??
  8. Keeping the pack happy

    Old images of the times i still played Skyrim.
  9. Keeping the pack happy

    Old images of the times i still played Skyrim.
  10. The Pack

    Old images of the times i still played Skyrim.
  11. [Sims 4] Kendo 2's Slut Stuff Fishnets

    oh, that's why you asked for TS2 when was already coming out TS3 and you started playing TS3 when there where already 5 EP !! LOL !! you're not interested in the game but in its mods !
  12. Skyrim Spiked Collars

    no need to mention it
  13. Merry Christmas

    mmm... i'm kind of late for Christmas... so, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody !!!
  14. Skyrim Spiked Collars

    you got it so are you happy now ?
  15. they look great !! They are certainly going in my next game !