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  1. Good choice.... You'd likely get shot in the knee Yep went there. lol
  2. sims 4

    Kendo should get a share of the profits from these companies since it seems as if people buy or seek out the game because of his mods
  3. I found some decent feet for TS4. Now having some issue getting the bodies tolook right. Found one texture that is pretty close now for the nipple textures and I should be set.
  4. I like the body mesh/textures. They have nice defined toes and feet. I can't find any in Sims 4 that has such detail
  5. It is also quite easy to mod. Drop the .package into the mod folder found in your Documents folder. It is that simple.
  6. Bella Goth playing coy...

    Bella came over and was trying to be coy while giving my Sims a hand job.. Dirty little minx
  7. Foot Notes...

    Are your sure this is how you do "Foot Notes"... Really just need to know as I am doing a report... :P
  8. Yes... I second. (provided a member can tag a file someone else uploads) Other sites regulate and use personal preferences and thoughts and feelings to run the site. We started off from the start trying to be as much "hands off" as possible. This is no way a claim that we will "never" do something or discuss something etc it is a statement that we will attempt in all ways to allow as much flexibility as humanly possible (of course barring legal concerns. The server is based in the US) We have a very cool and awesome membership that have been very respectful and quite frankly wonderful with the interactions they have had with the site. Sure there are some that DZ, Kendo or I might not have liked, or even appreciated but it was done with consideration and a purpose. @TheOzoneHole You and others like you are the ones that can create a "mandate" on how to do things. A "Social" one. By requesting and keeping up with members to keep proper tags and info updated you can help mold the site. This is a very powerful tool if done properly and doesn't require many individuals or much effort. Just requires a level of activity and interaction with the site on a semi-weekly basis. Moderators can only do so much. If they try too much then end up losing the battle and just end up putting out fires.
  9. We also really need the bouncy girl one you have on the first post as well Hey ... this is NSFWmods.com afterall...
  10. Any eta on this coming out. We could use some more emoticons.
  11. We are getting about 50 ~70 members a day joining. Really wish they were more active and talked a bit on our forums.
  12. From 15222 members January 1st to 16070 members January 12th... That is quite a big jump.
  13. type3

    Some authors are artist not writers. Kendo is one of those. He gets busy working on projects and such and when they are done he seems to hate doing the documentation. IN cases like this feel free to clarify or even create tutorials for use of some of your setups. Regardless of which mods you use. Show some photos etc and let people know what can be done to get your results. One of the first major projects I did was write a tutorial for a very complex mod resource folder. it was a pain in the ass and the author wasn't even sure what went where and if some of the things were actually there . I wrote that tutorial and it helped many, many trying to use those combinations of mods. One of our moderators created a tutorial here for Skyrim to make it prutty... As for the replacers. Just remember the file paths and where things go. Then mix and match what YOU think is proper and correct to get the results that YOU want. Mo can even show you the "conflicts'. through this you can see if the new body files are properly installed (real body) and replacing the original. Then test in game to be sure if you want. Then after you figure out the files you want you can even "remaster" a mod with all the needed body files and textures and install it and make sure through MO's conflict mechanism that they are properly installed, test in game and then remove all the previous body mods you installed. As I stated in a reply to the email. The main thing that most people need to understand... Truly comprehend is the file paths, and how the conflict/overwrite system in Bethesda Gambro engines work. You have that and understand that, there isn't much in way of modding your game you can't do with the mods provided to you. That is the first step then if you want open GECK or CK etc and start learning how to change the paths, add new records and change them. They Sir/Mam you would be a mod content creator, (publicly distributed, privately distributed or not distributed at all :P)
  14. I was keeping up with the tutorial for you ... but then I got shot in the knee.