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If anyone ever do asked me what am I playing when & if I'm playing any of my favorite games including indie games how should I respond


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Before any of you guys ask or brought it up yes I have a account on itch.io,gamejolt & affect3D to name a few. & no no I'm not seeking approvals & you guys who love indie scenes,indie gaming scene & due to our taste in gaming,anime & manga you guys will understand what I mean. & I'm talking about playing any of my favorite games including indie games both with & without mods eventually someone will walked in on me & yes I know I know that some if not most or all of us otakus,weebs,gamers,final fantasy fan/huge fans & hentai fans either are underground,starting to go back underground &/or going back underground.

Lol especially if any of you guys noticed some if not most of us are underground & some of us are making our own platforms especially Japanese indie scene & Japanese indie gaming scene including hentai games & fanservice games you guys will know what I mean. & if I'm playing any of my favorite indie games especially for pc I don't know if I should tell them,just say I'm playing 1 of my favorite games & say the name. & funny thing is my friends & my family including my parents don't even know about indie scene & indie gaming scene yet I don't know if its a good thing,a bad thing or a double edge sword.

 So to end it here don't worry I don't mind if you guys want to include alternatives to steam,reddit,kickstarter,patereon & Amazon & any good sites,any good vr sites & any other good sites you guys I should join,you guys think I might love & you guys think I should support thanks :).

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