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DD Interactions


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So I've just recently downloaded DD, I read the README file, placed every file in its correct category and I've also downloaded all of the required files. Despite this, DD interactions do not show up in my game at all. I have WW downloaded, I've removed all of my mods from the game except DD to see if it was being blocked by one of my other downloads, and it still did not appear in game. I don't know what to do.

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Usual, not enough informations.

To start, did you set the game to accept files qnd scripts from other sources in the settings > others ? Should be yes as using others mod but, details matters.

Did you have any LE (error message) if so, the closest to it the better, be specific.


And so, what others mods did you use with, from where ? (no need to specify, its either galllery or not, as the mod here is specified lets ignore).
Else, check the mod page in case you missed something, there few req but in case, always check the basics first.

Etc. Dont fret and keep looking, if no progress, look for others options, there are a few theses days.

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