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HDT Equipment + SMIM Options Texture Fix

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I did this fix a long time ago and had forgotten about it until I had reinstalled it and didn't save the nifs. So I redid the fix and thought I'd share this information with those who may run into this problem and have no clue how to fix it. I've addressed this problem back in 2018, but the mod author ignored my comment or simply didn't care. So a fix from the mod author is NOT to be expected. The fix will rely on the user end. This is going to require minimal Nifskope skills, but I will also show you the process.

If you install SMIM and install HDT Equipment (can be found on LL as well) and select the SMIM options, once in game you'll notice that once you equip the regular lantern, it will show up with missing textures. This problem only seems to occur with the lantern equipped on the back or front. Works fine if you choose to hold the lantern with your left hand.

Before fix:




If you are using Mod Organizer, side by side open both the HDT Equipment and SMIM mod folders and follow the folder path to the both the meshes from HDT Equipment and the textures from SMIM. I've highlighted what is important. If you are using Vortex and it's similar to MO, then it should be the same procedure. I can't back that up since I don't use Vortex. If you manually install mods or use a traditional mod manager, then navigate to your Skyrim data folder. Having these open isn't necessary unless you want to copy the name of the texture file and then paste it into the path in Nifskope. Otherwise just copy it from from the instructions down below.



Now, let's proceed to fix this so you can have the lantern with proper texture paths so it works fine in game step by step.


      1. In the HDT Equipment folder, open _wl_wearablelanternmesh3.nif with nifskope.

      2. On the left pane in the upper left click on the arrow next to 0BSFadeNode or the lantern frame in the object window.

          Note: This will expand the tree in the left pane that is related to this mesh. It will highlight NiTriShape which is the lantern frame.

      3. 27NiTriShape will be highlighted, Expand the tree by clicking the arrow next to it and you will see BSLightingShadeProperty.

      4. Expand BSLightingShaderProperty and select BSShaderTextureSet.

      5. In the lower pane in Nifskope you will see the texture paths for the lantern frame. Double click on each one to edit and press enter when done.

      6. On the upper left click File  and save. Proceed to do this for _wl_wearablelanternmeshfront1.nif as well. The procedure is the exact same.

      7. Close both folders and launch Skyrim. Lantern should now have the textures working properly.





Final results:




Congratulations! You no longer have a lantern with missing textures. :bouaaaaah:

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