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More More Adult stars


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More More Adult stars


Hello, these are the more of the stars I created. I do recommend if you do download these to open up the files manually and check the files. I'm not responsible if these mods break your sims 4 and I do recommended backups and to be careful. I have never had any issues. These mods are not released in any order. Be careful and only overwrite if the file is larger. With that out of the way here are the stars I worked on below. What you can do is download the List rar file and find out what stars are with what packs.

Older mods below. The pack contents are listed in the text file of the corresponding package. I want to again thank all my patreons for their contributions.

The screenshots are just a few example models included with these packs.

Packs 1-8 Split into 500mb pieces.


147344055_Pack7.part02.rar 1931795451_Pack7.part03.rar 755256262_Pack7.part04.rar 1119196109_Pack7.part05.rar 677680818_Pack7.part06.rar 981636913_Pack7.part07.rar 1501966910_Pack7.part08.rar Pack 7.part09.rar 1022570006_Pack7.part01.rar 719881945_Pack8.part2.rar 768027960_Pack8.part3.rar 374761760_Pack8.part4.rar 1903825385_Pack8.part5.rar Pack 8.part6.rar 2135399641_Pack8.part1.rar 1969903945_Pack6.part01.rar 1787503546_Pack6.part02.rar 1229002697_Pack6.part07.rar Pack 6.part09.rar 1812840966_Pack6.part08.rar 338833670_Pack6.part05.rar 338741380_Pack6.part04.rar 1101731803_Pack6.part03.rar Pack 5.part7.rar 1824947658_Pack5.part2.rar 631446006_Pack5.part1.rar 1143029028_Pack5.part6.rar 448151242_Pack5.part5.rar 1925104017_Pack5.part4.rar 835887069_Pack5.part3.rar 937581302_Pack6.part06.rar 1335118500_Pack4.part3.rar 73692448_Pack4.part2.rar 553309351_Pack4.part1.rar Pack 4.part7.rar 1256058416_Pack4.part6.rar 684598653_Pack4.part5.rar 1103536303_Pack4.part4.rar 1621218547_Pack3.part03.rar 608561817_Pack3.part02.rar 455422728_Pack3.part01.rar 1687427512_Pack3.part08.rar 1246163154_Pack3.part07.rar 1628012024_Pack3.part06.rar 1662540000_Pack3.part05.rar 767608141_Pack3.part04.rar 471827457_Pack1.part2.rar Pack 1.part6.rar 272632810_Pack2.part2.rar 873689054_Pack2.part7.rar 350118165_Pack2.part1.rar Pack 2.part8.rar 1495224413_Pack2.part6.rar 1851099744_Pack2.part5.rar 1567421379_Pack2.part4.rar 2114348050_Pack2.part3.rar 1966794602_Pack1.part1.rar 1580185608_Pack1.part5.rar 1258049762_Pack1.part3.rar 150546911_Pack1.part4.rar


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