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Daz Collection

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I tried downloading the Daz collection.  (Bikini and fantasy armor)  For some reason the won't show in game.  I get big red triangle exclamation points.  Looks correct in MO while installing.  Anyone know why?  The folder structure looks a little strange when I looked at them...

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21 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

The big red yield sign with the exclamation point on it is from missing meshes.  I suggest extracting the zipped files manually installing the meshes folder.  IF the meshes show up but they are pink then you'll need the textures folder as well.

Ok, manually placed meshes and textures.  Still no go.

Folder structure I have tried:





Meshes\00_ArsDazConv\Daz Bikini Collection 2  (This is how it came)



Did the same for textures also...

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