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I've been thinking about this for a while and with the rapid growth of NSFW I believe now is the time to work on the asset release side of the site. Kendo 2 has done an excellent job writing up a license for those who want to release their work for others to use.

So far I created the Modder's Resources forums and added a downloads section as well. I am interested in knowing if there's more I should add. If you have any suggestions please post them in this thread.

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A repository for open-source or for-title licensed bullshit that's associated with modding thereof that's no longer available from the third-party tool sites that a modder would need to use said resources.


A good example of these is havok's third party plugin toolset for 3dsMax and Blender. Want to get in on the ground floor with hard-coded stuff? Welp unless you know someone personally with the havok tools, good luck with that. To my knowledge there's no licensing or copyright issue surrounding these tools, they were incorporated into the Skyrim workflow pretty tightly. Links/DLs to stuff like Gimp and other opening-door tools that are not necessarily a sole author's work but are allowed under the site's ownership/copyright framework, and the sub-variants thereof, for example if someone made a simple script object for gimp/photoshop or paint.net that automatically generates transparent or alpha-blended textures/masks, that kind of thing.


Essentially non-specific general tools/toolsets.

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For normal maps there's this: http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

It ain't perfect though but the results are fine for Bethesda's Gambryo tinker toy bullshit.  For more modern games you'll need to understand how to copy alphas from one dds to another and how to swap RGB values between layers.

As far as Havok goes I remember reading somewhere that the software licensing expired and Zenimax snatched everything up.  All of the tool sets modders once had have been removed from the various sites.  Basically Zenimax/Bethesda intentionally scuttled Havok development.


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