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Jangles the Moon Monkey

Kendo 2

Disclaimer: I didn't make this from scratch.  It's the 'evil chimp' from the Boulder Dome mod and I just refitted it and rerigged it as a wearable costume.  Still hilarious though.


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Fallout 3: New Vegas

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Shit yes... !!

Too bad there isn't some outfits that can go with it. Equal hilarious as well.. :D

I can see someone running through the wasteland killing and doing other things in this suit.

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6 minutes ago, ritualclarity said:

Too bad there isn't some outfits that can go with it. Equal hilarious as well.. :D

That's just the base outfit.  I'll get around to making him a space suit like we see in the Captain Cosmos posters; hands, feet and tail exposed and that fish bowl helmet.

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The hot alien girl with purple hair gets attacked by an enemy spaceship... her ship takes damage and she has to crash-land on the planet of the apes... and then of couse she gets captured by the apes... but what will happen to her? All will be revealed in next screenshot! 🤣

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Chimps don't have tails.  Monkeys do. 

In any case, having a tail might not work out well as it likely won't be animated well (unless you can do something with the Skyrim race that have tails ? )

In any case, if you were interested in releasing this there are some children's clothes that would work well and be period appropriate as well. Zip the monkey is one example there are others from the turn of the century.

Still used... However, not actual Chimps.. For example "the Umbrella Academy"  The butler is a chimp. ;) lol






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