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  1. I'm the most down to earth alien you will ever meet. I have to copy the URL then paste it into a new tab to get to the video.. Strange..
  2. If that was the case... Fallout 76 woudn't be the glitchy piece of shit it is... The Creation Club would have "major quest" and other things. If someone's mouth is moving at Bethesda... it is 95% likely they are spouting lies, the last 5% Is intentional misleading statements. At least in this instance they had to deliver on their promised goods.
  3. He is off his meds.. lol Doesn't mean he is wrong though.
  4. 3:47... If that was an 11 year old girl doing that... the parents would be sent to jail for exploitation of a child. 11 years olds... shouldn't be doing that regardless of if male or female, gay or straight. It is one thing to support the child's development and quite another exploiting it. Also, how could grown adults not feel like a pedo tossing money at a child dancing at a club like a stripper (I assume a stripper and not doing a rendition of "I am a little tea pot" ... Wait... that is even worse.. ) As for your statement @endgameaddiction about strip clubs... not going to happen. They will go out of business unless they are part of a gay club. I can't see any mainstream, current strip club ever having that there. ... Unless that trans has their full operation (remove the meaty bits) and look better than any of the women they have there. Which in the US is a pretty long shot. (Trans can't get treatment until well after puberty which makes it extremely hard to pass, unlike South America, and some Asia countries. ) Well @endgameaddiction you were very successful in making me cringe...
  5. He decided to send a dam Tesla into space. How much of a carbon footprint that that leave
  6. Elon is going to make nuke powered 40~50's style cars now. No more problem or complaints about how long the car takes to charge. Bonus.. it can run a small town when it isn't being used to drive somewhere.
  7. Its been more economical for me to do the upgrades every 1 or 2 years put in 150~300 dollars much less than an Xbox and get an upgrade. My shit is getting so old that I had to get a replacement on my cooler (70 dollars) as the old one wore out. (closed loop) Went with air this time. (a nice one) A decent (more than what xbox has) graphics card can be gotten around where I live for about 150~180 often times cheaper (if clearances or discontinued) Edit.. just checked some of the cost for Xbox and they are as low as 200dollars (or sometimes below) which is a cheap graphics card (which is better than the xbox but) There are many games that play horrible on the xbox (frame rate) I need good frame rates or get sea sick. Basically I put my money into the computer as needed for an ongoing upgrade which gives me a central place for entertainment, movies, games, work, social etc etc. I make my $$$ work their asses off. However, to be fair.. the next upgrade will cost quite a bit more.. (about 3 xboxes) as my hardware (core, motherboard, memory and processor) are of a older generation requiring a complete replacement of all those components if any are changed. Once I do that however, I will be good to go for another 4~6 years or more. (baring something breaking) I have two xboxes (360s) and haven't used them in, quite possibly up to 10 years.. I used them a bit before the xbox one was released and put them in storage. Don't know where the second one came from, likely given to me by someone that also didn't want his anymore. I only asked with the other work you have done (mentioned in the past) that a strong computer would be something you would want to have.. with that.. all that is needed is a 200 dollar processor (if not an all in one unit) On a side note.. I really want to gather up my used equipment and upgraded components and create a dedicated gaming computer.
  8. Not going to use the PC version? As for me.. I will allow /keep enough of my cash back from purchases to buy it when it is released. Not sure which version but will be likely waiting until some good game footage has been released (actual game play from a reviewer) before settling in and getting it. It is a new approach for them and story as well. I want to see the results before buying. So far it looks good to me.
  9. Everyone but me apparently. (Youtube not available in my area... )
  10. Now I have a reason to go spend 1500 dollars (or more) on top of the game.
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/app/585550/FEMINAZI_The_Triggering/ Are two genders not enough.. choose among 30 genders! LOL..
  12. https://www.destructoid.com/fallout-76-is-getting-a-free-trial-and-it-starts-tomorrow-556657.phtml Free trial for the best game ever .. Who's a taker here? lol Not really sure how long it is still available or even if it is still available or what hoops you have to jump in, through, on or blow... to be able to get it.
  13. I thing the section where the dog asks to hump the girls leg and was told no but did it anyway and excused it as the fact that he identified as a shin guard summed up the situation quite well.
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