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  1. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-15-fallout-fan-creates-the-most-detailed-timeline-yet Not only for Fallout 70sucks but for all of fallout. A timeline. Interesting idea. Wonder how accurate it is (or you guys gales and aliens believe it is :P)
  2. ^ isn't news to me. I knew that shit will happen. It happened to the previous "left" and will happen again and again. I say great! Good for them! keep it up! Seriously.. the more they are eating each other up and fucking with each other's projects the less the have time to fuck with the mainstream. Just saying..
  3. I'm waiting until they decide all this negative press isn't worth it and they start shutting down their servers... they didn't setup the system to allow private servers yet... did they? With all they are doing, and all the negative press, I can easily see them doing so without any warning... 11:40...
  4. I see that point.. but I also see that corporations are trying to cash in and taking every opportunity to do so. they fail (go to far) they pull back and then try another approach again and again until it sticks... They keep on pushing the boundary's again and again. That combined with the increase in casual gamers is really damaging quality of games. Eventually they managed to succeed.. (Creation Club) and get something they have been working on for a very long time (not stating it is a success but people basically given up on that issue) It is just a matter of them holding out and continuing to force their ideas and tricks on their customers before they finally give in. Oh how I now long for the bugs and glitches from the old Fallout 3, NV and even old rim. Where horse armor is outlandish and everyone is outraged from such a thing....
  5. Actually that reminded me there is a ... if not actually... a 50 year old or so that I have met and plays fallout 76... not a dumb ass.. works and makes good money in the IT/programing field. He enjoys the game. I thought he was just fucking around but he is well aware of the updates and all the issues (game related not the bullshit with the bag and shit) He states he enjoys the game and "all games have glitches and problems" and that "you have to give companies the time to fix them" ... So your statement of "grown ass adults" is correct at least in this case... In fact... it is the "millennial" that I know that has the greatest issues with the game. It is crap and not worth their time is the general consensus... They go play forthnight and other games that Bethesda only dreams of being
  6. Not possible... there will be people that will follow about anything... Shame but true. No matter how stupid it is. History is full of it. There will be people that will be "fans" just because they HOPE things will turn a corner and get better.. as if Bethesda is somehow just having issue and not a soul sucking gaming company that doesn't give a shit about their customers beyond the money they bring. Really a shame considering that is the very thing that can get them to do the right thing if people woke the fuck up and started demanding (across the board) them to do things right. Negative press and customers running from their offerings will cause them to change to the better and give what customers want.. however, they are protected by the fact there is always a fool born every minute.
  7. Eve online character development isn't intended to be great. they don't focus on that and if you play it for a while and look at various examples you will also see many look very much alike. The "space station" is only a short time and small part of the game play. Really doesn't matter just something there to fill in ... in my opinion. Even so, for what they do... they do a pretty good job if you are comparing it to Bethesda game... lol TES and Fallout 4, the characters, player etc MUST look great it is what you will be interacting with most if not all the time. It is central and critical to the game play experience. Edit... it has been awhile and they have improved it greatly. Better than any release from Bethesda! and consider they only need the character to look good for a few seconds while you are on a space station... 99% of your time is in space where you don't see shit! (character)
  8. IMO it doesn't matter if a company is 10 years behind the curve in tech. I have no problem with Oblivion's characters. (for their time) The issue they can't even released a fucking stable game!. Their games are getting more and more empty. Oblivion is rich with side stories and NPC characters.... Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 ? What is with that. If they can't keep up with technology.. with the engine... OK.. then at least fucking give a great story, sub plots and interesting NPCs and such to flesh out the game.. but nada...
  9. She couldn't accept that she lost because she was stupid and was doing shit she shouldn't have been doing and shit she should have known not to do. Yes, there were the "FBI reports" (yes, shouldn't have been announced at the times they were which caused her to loose points in the Polls) but she was the one that did shit she shouldn't have done. She was in the fucking White house for christ sakes... The President's wife.. access to the needed experts to make sure her personal and professional shit didn't intermingle and was properly protected but she decided to do shit her own dam way... And after that shit... I don't think the Democratic party will ever nominate her to any office again... I am not a fan of Trump but for fucks sakes, she was a career politician, she should have known better than do do shit like that. I know many that pulled their support of her for that very reason.
  10. Already forgotten... Seriously.. I have no clue what you are talking about .. lol. Update: Ah... lol.. The best part of this is Linda Carter... after that.. all downhill. I remember when I walked up to the lounge singer and was like "HOLLY SHIT" Unfortunately... there isn't a "proper" emoticon for my feelings lol
  11. Likely their "store" isn't attracting as much attention and customers as they thought it would with exclusive offers on games. Biting off more than they can chew again, showing how little they understand the industry they are working in.
  12. Love Death and Robots from Netflix .. Just watched the first episode... not bad, not bad at all. Some of the twist were predictable but a few were surprising..
  13. It was cringy enough when I saw her hair cut....
  14. Whatever he stated... his Fanboys and fangirls would eat it up at the Cult of Todd. I consider whatever he says as a waste of my time listening. There will need to be a major change in the company and their products before I even begin to waste my time trying to listen...
  15. Molds work for dildos action figures as well. Depends on what you want to do and how you want to approach and use them.
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